Instant Payout – back in action!

Instant Payout is available for our partners again. We wanted to tell you that this service allows publishers of Admitad Affiliate to switch the earned funds’ status from “Awaiting advertiser payment” to “Ready for withdrawal” even before the advertiser actually pays for them. It’s a great way to immediately reinvest your earnings in marketing activities and make even more profit. Over 1500 of our partners have already enjoyed all the advantages of this tool. 

Trends and relevant categories of goods and services are changing especially quickly at the moment, so we are eager to provide our publishers with the opportunity to use the earned funds as soon as possible and instantly respond to any novelties. 

Currently, the service is working with some restrictions and is not available for certain offers and advertisers yet. We are closely monitoring the market situation and will continue to add new brands and programs to the list of available options for Instant Payout. 

Hundreds of our partners are using this service weekly, and the demand is increasing day by day. Therefore, we are not only adding new advertisers to it, but also actively working on improvements. In the near future we are going to introduce new important features for Instant Payout that will allow you to manage your capital even more flexibly. 

If you have any questions about working with Instant Payout, you are welcome to contact our Support Center or your account manager directly. You can learn more about the tool on the Support Center page.

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