Learning Month: Shift your focus on education campaign offers

Skill-based learning is definitely more effective and purpose-driven, which helps professionals receive a clear objective along with a vibrant culture. With the hybrid model becoming the new norm, professionals are considering alternative multitasking courses of action. Moreover, it’s also the time for new school sessions and Ed-Tech will be in focus for every student and their parents. To cater to this opportunity, education/learning platforms are trying every possible medium or source wherever they can find potential users. On the publisher’s side, it is very important to make your audience understand the importance of these platforms which will ultimately lead to earning extra income.

Speaking about numbers, there has been a significant growth in the demand for this category leading to 115% growth in sales. Alongside, these campaigns on Admitad affiliate platform generated a GMV of INR 174cr in 2021, that is 63% growth compared to last year.

To make it easier for you all, we have curated a list of such campaigns that are really doing well for you to promote it to your niche audience.




Top Rankers 



Harappa Edu 

Orchid International


Times IIT Roorkee 

Amity University Online 

and many more to join the list.

Speaking about the traffic types: Social Network, Website, Messengers, Web Service and affiliate stores were the top publisher categories bringing traffic to education programs where INR 16 crore was the highest earned commission through affiliate stores.

With every passing day, professionals and students are understanding the value of skill degrees/courses and its importance for the near future. It’s the time to turn this realization into an opportunity of earning money while promoting the campaigns that cater best to your niche audience.

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