Live broadcast with Neha Kulwal on CNBC Asia: trends, statistics and numbers of the Singles Day Versus Black Friday Sale – 2017


The traditional November sales of Chinese e-commerce shops and the giant Black Friday Sale have their own impact with regard to regions. Whereas Singles Day Sale is more focused on Chinese e-commerce shops, Black Friday Sale is aimed at the US and the UK geos. CNBC Asia has hosted a wonderful session with admitad India CEO, Neha Kulwal, where she has observed the rising trend and impact of Singles Day Sale and Black Friday on the Asia-Pacific countries and throughout the world.

With the changing market scenario, these big sale days are currently expanding to Asia-Pacific countries. In this regard, admitad is a channel of cross-border e-commerce. Thus, traditionally, admitad has created some unique tools for publishers and advertisers to track the sales process and determine the number of sales per hour performed by visitors in the current moment of time, as well as from which traffic sources and in which business niches they are performed.

Marketers are now suggested to go beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday and embrace the Chinese Single Day Sale. According to Neha Kulwal, if we are talking about this year’s biggest sale, then it is Singles Day Sale, which takes advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

During the conversation between Neha Kulwal and the CNBC Asia team, the difference and impact of both sales were discussed referring to particular numbers tracked by admitad during both global events on such specific sites as Black Friday 2017 and a dedicated landing page for Singles Day Sale – 2017.

In this regard, the admitad Research and Data Department constantly prepares White Papers that are considered to be a very useful tool for planning future ad campaigns for such hot periods of sales and, additionally, for post-event analysis of all marketing activities undertaken by publishers and advertisers at admitad.

Watch the interview here:

Neha Kulwal’s interview on CNBC Asia
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