Merger with Adgoal: what opportunities for publishers are there?

In July 2019 Admitad Invest concluded the first merger deal and acquired german Adgoal. Now, we would like to tell you about new opportunities for publishers that will be available once Adgoal fully integrates with Admitad.

About the company

Adgoal has been in the CPA market for over 10 years by now. The company is headquartered in Heilbronn, the same as Admitad HQ. Adgoal develops solutions for publishers — the ones that collect a lot of easily accessible affiliate programs in a single place.

Also Adgoal developed a tool to protect publishers in case of invalid affiliate links. Even if one of the advertisers shut down their program, the traffic is automatically rerouted to a similar one.

Adgoal connects over 30,000 advertisers from all around the globe — 20 times more than Admitad publishers used to have.

After a long study, we took an interest in a few Adgoal tools that allowed to expand the existing Admitad mechanics:

  • JS-code that can be installed on publisher’s website and convert all the links into affiliate ones (that is, if the advertiser has its own affiliate program)
  • Universal-Search — publishers can see information about affiliate programs right in the search engine results.
  • Smart-Social — Adgoal browser extension that makes 30,000 global advertisers easily accessible

Alexander Bachmann, Admitad founder and CEO: 

“After integration with Adgoal, we are able to create completely new tools for publishers —  those we could not when we had few affiliate programs. These tools can help us secure and increase publishers’ earnings. In the future, we will tell about each of the tools separately.”

What has already been done to integrate with Adgoal?

Adgoal team has already taken its place in Admitad structure as we go through the company transformation.

Over 30,000 Adgoal advertisers have been added into browser extension for Google Chrome branded as Admtiad Lite. As the relaunch of our extension showed, the publishers are eager to get quick access to a vast list of affiliate programs.

Now, we see that the share of income generated by Adgoal affiliate programs in the extension is growing. In six months, we expect it to hit 50%. This is a clear evidence that Admitad publishers are interested in Adgoal offers and we are moving in the right direction.

Another point of interest is that after the integration Admitad team has access to even more affiliate programs so publishers from every country have more options and more juicy offers. This makes Admitad expansion to new regions significantly easier.

What will become of Adgoal

By the end of 2020, Adgoal will stop existing as a separate brand, and all the tools will be fully integrated into Admitad publisher account. The synergy we now have between Admitad and Adgoal — we are planning to deepen it further.

Affiliate programs available in Adgoal will merge with Admitad tools: browser extension, program catalogue, Coupons & Deals, XML-feeds, ad server and other tools that are currently under development.

Admitad Invest reviews other candidates for M&A deals in order to extend the ecosystem and improve its performance for publishers and advertisers.

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