Moneylink – aides hassle-free monetization of content projects

Admitad brings an effective monetization tool – MoneyLink; for review platforms, personal blogs, forums, and other content sites. The huge database of 60000 worldwide affiliate programs makes this tool special. If a program is disabled in one affiliate network, the traffic will be automatically transferred to another network that has the same program, so you will still get the reward. 

The tool saves your time and helps to focus more on earning money from your content projects by automatically converting the usual links on your site into affiliate links.

Why it’s worth connecting with Moneylink? 

MoneyLink is a tool that replaces links on the publisher’s website with affiliate links, including in archive sections and in user comments. The replacement takes place at the moment the user clicks, so the external links remain the same and do not affect SEO. Moderation and connection of the publisher occur at the same time to all affiliate programs.

  • Automatic replacement of links to affiliate ones;
  • Instant connection to more than 30,000 advertisers;
  • Saving time on managerial work.

The platform works with a  group of different networks where you can find offers from Admitad as well from other regional & international affiliate networks. Advertisers may change or disable affiliate programs, which makes affiliate links broken. With Moneylink, you don’t have to bother with updating the links on your own. Your users will be automatically be redirected to valid offers while you will continue to receive commissions. Also, in a situation when the advertiser completely shuts its CPA channel, the publisher will not receive any reward income from these links. 

Isn’t this so simple? Bring buyers from your site to the advertiser’s site and earn on their purchases.  Step by Step Instructions is here for the setup.

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P.S: The Moneylink tool will surely save your time but as per the saying “Good things take time” you need to give some time for the tool to effectively bring great results to your site. Moeylink can help you generate good revenue but it’s not a key to quick money. 

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