Neha Kulwal’s interview on CNBC Asia

Black Friday vs. Singles Day from CNBC.

CNBC Anchor 1- How do you see Black Friday and Singles day sale this year and during the past year?

Neha Kulwal, admitad India CEO- If you know the Singles day, last year to this year there is a 70% growth. If you see, there is a 25.8 mln dollar sales which we have given to Singles Day, which is, almost a 70% growth. Singles Day is much bigger than Black Friday sale, or a Cyber Monday putting together. And, if we come back with a number of publishers coming onboard for a Singles day sale, this is much higher than a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday.

CNBC Anchor 1 – How much growth do you expect to see in Black Friday this year?

Neha Kulwal, admitad India CEO- If you see the year-on-year growth there will be more than 40%-50% growth will be on Black Friday sale. On the first day we could see 209,000 transactions for a Black Friday sale but if you see for a Singles day there were 2.7 mln. transactions, which is really high.

CNBC Anchor 2– Neha, Tell us what you’ve got about what’s going on in mobile; what’s going on still on desktop, because you know if you judge from North America experience, it’s really becoming a mobile phenomenon, you know, this whole season of shopping trend.

Neha Kulwal, admitad India CEO- I know, it’s more of mobile trend but I see from the statistics, what kind of transactions we could drive from a Black Friday or a Singles day, 81% of people are driving transactions from desktop,

13% through Android, and around 6% to 7% through IOS phones and devices. I think, desktop is still a bigger player with transactions that are happening.

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