Now you can suggest affiliate programs in admitad


We think that many publishers have already noticed that the fourth item has appeared in their interface in the “Programs” section, called “Suggest a program”.If you have traffic for any offer or segment that is not in the admitad system yet, you can suggest it to us and we will definitely consider adding it to our affiliate network. If opportunities and conditions are favourable to adding it to our network, we will try to add this offer to admitad as soon as possible.


The addition process looks fairly simple. In the pop-up window, you need to enter the address of the advertiser’s site and your ad space for the desired advertiser.


After that, the application goes to admitad and we begin processing it.

You have a coupon site with traffic for the store X. You work directly, request coupons and promotional codes directly, separately track clicks and sales, and resolve issues with payments. And at some point, you realize that this is inconvenient.

Then you suggest us to add this offer to admitad so that in a single window you can see all the data on clicks, conversions, and earnings.
admitad can help you with this.

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