How publishers can earn money via offers from small and medium businesses

Famous brands, a substantial customer base, and a diverse array of goods or services – are what entice publishers to partner with major advertisers. However, niche stores from the segment of medium and small business sectors also have advantages in their offerings. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of these offerings and uncover the secrets to a successful collaboration with them.

First, let’s clarify which offers are associated with small and medium-sized businesses. SMEs (Small and medium-sized entities) are commercial enterprises with an annual turnover of up to INR 250 Crore and a staff of up to 500 people (medium) and an annual turnover of up to INR 50 Crore and a staff of up to 100  people. (small)

Typically, niche online stores or services are categorized as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These businesses focus on specific goods or services, have a well-defined target audience, and aim to boost sales and visibility.

What are the advantages of niche offers?

  • High commission rates– One of the most important criteria for publishers to choose a program. The advertiser strives to increase volumes, for this, he raises the rates, introduces a bonus program, and tries in various ways to interest and retain publishers, including taking part in Admitad festivals and marathons with special conditions.
  • Many allowed types of traffic– As a rule, small niche offers to provide a large variation in allowed traffic, for example, context to a brand, which is a great sales channel. The advertiser is interested in extensive coverage, so it does not limit publishers in their activities.
  • Promo codes and contests– According to Admitad managers who work with niche offers, such advertisers are often more loyal, and responsive, and it is easier and faster to negotiate with them about various promotions, contests, and promos and get a personal promo code.
  • High conversion– And accordingly, the low cost for both the lead and buyer.

Some offers in the segment, such as U&I World an electronics brand, offer generous, high-value discounts (up to 80%) making it a very lucrative program of partners. U&I World’s top traffic sources include messenger inventories (Telegram) cashback and coupon sites. Admitad analytics show that offers from the SME segment is among the fastest growing. So, in the first quarter of 2023, sales for U&I world offer have grown by 7X. Also, the offer has a fairly high average order value – about INR 670.

How profitable is it to work with niche offers?

As we already wrote, advertisers are willing to provide publishers with promotional codes to promote their products and services, so you should take advantage of this opportunity. The segment’s audience often looks for offers with discounts before buying.

Strategies such as selecting price points, running regular deals and offers to help publishers retain users, and offering high payout along with discount codes make the offers from SMEs lucrative for publishers to attract users and earn high commissions. MyWishCare, a beauty brand has witnessed 5X growth since Quarter 1 of 2022. The brand utilizes cashback, coupon, and deal sites as traffic sources to extend attractive deals and run regular offers.

According to Admitad analytics, Fitspire, a health and wellness brand saw an impressive cumulative 4X growth since its launch in August 2022. High commission percentage coupled with attractive discount offers. ( Coupon code – 70% + 40% Payout) The top-performing traffic sources for the brand are messenger inventories and cashback websites.

Working with niche offers has its characteristics, but it can bring great benefits to publishers who have chosen the path of promoting small and medium-sized businesses. To start working with the Admitad partner network, visit our website.

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