Temporary technical malfunction

UPDATE: 7:46 AM, Saturday, November 2, (GMT+3)
Admitad.com is up and running, main components are fully functional. All clicks registered during the down time have been processed. Statistics is in progress and should be actualized in some hours.

On November,1 around 11:00 GMT one of the European data centers that host Admitad servers suffered a breakdown. As a result, admitad.com, blog.admitad.com and fast.st URL shortener were down for a while.

The affiliate links were functioning via other data centers. Tracking on advertisers’ websites was functional and stays that way. Target actions are tracked, logged and will be uploaded to the statistics as soon as the problem is fixed.

What is currently down?

  • Publisher’s and advertiser’s account
  • admitad.com website
  • fas.st URL shortener
  • API
  • XML-feeds

All this time Admitad team has been doing its best to fix the problem.

We are extremely sorry for the trouble this malfunction may have caused you.

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