Tips and Tricks for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Top 7 tips for holiday season


Do you know that retailers can acquire more than  55% of new customers during the holiday shopping season?

For example, in 2016, we witnessed three important events: Black Friday, strong November sales, and Cyber Monday. Remarkably, two of these events turned from two days into the entire week of sales. We saw bigger discounts, longer sales periods, more shoppers and purchases.

Period before the holiday season is high time for businesses to make their marketing campaign more effective and implement more strategies for better promotion and advertising. The more marketing tactics they adjust, the more their revenues will be.We listed some of the most effective affiliate marketing strategies to maximize your traffic for the upcoming holiday season:


This year we would like to introduce the top 7 strategies that will be very useful for the upcoming Festive season sales. This trend is likely to continue in 2017, but retailers will still face significant challenges in attracting customers and driving their growth, due to rising prices and convenience matters. It is high time for marketers to innovate and evolve their approaches in order to succeed during this holiday season.

Top 7 Festive Season Sales Strategies:

1- Promote Exclusive Coupons and Weekly Mailers:

Exclusive coupons and weekly mailers are good sources of steady income during the holiday seasons. If you have a list of significant and active customers, use exclusive coupons and weekly mailers to optimize ad campaign and increase traffic. This will further assist advertisers to analyze their campaign performance and its sources. Moreover, your weekly mailer should be planned not only for the customers but for the publishers as well in order to keep them updated through the effective communication on the campaign.

2- Organise Promotional Actions and Contests to Gain More Customers:

Ramp up your affiliate marketing in late November to capture more orders, promote revenue growth and to set more focus on your promotions. So, planning contest for your customers and publishers is always a good idea. When you are planning contest, focus on the content, mix an interactive part with some informative experience to make your content more attractive for the customer, keep it short and to the point.  In return you will get a relevant feedback.  Don’t forget to highly promote gift cards and additional discounts to get more loyalty from your customers.

Let’s make reference to the recent Chinese shops 11.11 sale with admitad when admitad has planned a single-day contest for all the publishers to join and earn amazing bonuses.

3- Set Increased Commissions for Affiliates during the Hot Sales Period:

this tactic is very effective during the holiday sales. To get the home page inventory or to place yourself on the top of the publisher’s inventories,  one should offer good commission to the publishers to let them perform better during the campaign. This strategy brings significant results, and this trick was implemented by admitad on behalf of advertisers to reward all new publishers with 50% higher payouts till 31st Dec 2017!  You can check our offers here.

4- Run Flash Sales:

Flash sales and limited-time offers are both considered to be great ways to create urgency among the customers who are now more confident and less influenceable. Thus, they’ll be able to find high-quality deals throughout the holiday shopping season.

Timing is everything for advertisers when it comes to flash sales. They have to consider not only for how long the deal should last, but they also need to make sure that they give their publishers enough incentives to properly promote the deal to the end customers. The main goal of any flash sale is to get customers to act quickly and take a rapid decision before they miss this deal. However, customers can only react on the deals if they know about them on time. In order to maximize the awareness of your flash sales and limited-time offers, work closely with your publishers to communicate the time when these deals will take place; how long the deals will last; and, what items will be available during this time. For example, admitad India witnessed amazing flash sales during the last holiday season performed by Flipkart and BigBasket who applied this concept to different categories with various discounts including pre-booked items.

5- Plan Beyond Traditional Sales (Festival Sales, Youth Festivals, Black Friday, Cyber Monday): 

These sales will be helpful to advertisers and publishers in setting a benchmark and creating strategies for the upcoming seasonal sales to maximize their campaigns revenues. The pick up strategy of flipkart is remarkable as they have created the concept of BIG BILLION DAY sale not only for Mega festivals but also for holiday spirits.

6- Influencer Marketing:

One of the newest strategies in digital industry is influencer marketing. Now marketing is not just about advertising or boosting sales, its concept is much more complex: customers want to get recommendations, read reviews or acquire emotions, feelings and experiences while purchasing specific products. In other words, influencers may have a great impact on customers’ decisions. To create this bound businesses work closely with influencers who, in some sense, are role models and lifestyle- teachers for their audience.

Marketer has found the highest trust and credibility factor in between influencer’s personality and consumers. This factor has to be taken into consideration by advertisers and affiliate networks while they are planning their marketing strategies.

7- Cross-Border Trade:

Expanding your business into new regions is always advisable and beneficial for your growth. When the business is developing an exponentially growing, at some point it needs to expand the boundaries of familiar markets into macro regional or even global level. New markets mean new publishers, new publishers mean new customers, new customers in their turn bring higher revenues and higher brand visibility. The global network admitad is a channel of cross-border trade which helps its advertisers to practically realize their business expansion into new markets. Advertisers who are interested in international revenues can opt for the Drop Wow Tool that allows to organize your own online store with cross-border options just in 3 easy steps. 


Implementing these marketing strategies and using your last year’s experience you can improve your traffic and conversion. One of the best things you can do right now is to start considering these trends in your own holiday marketing strategies, and to perform effective communication on how you can better leverage some of these trends and put them into practice with your internal team and your affiliate marketing partners.

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