Today the second Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress starts!


Today the second Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress starts! This time we have prepared a lot of new and interesting.

Rally starts on June 15, 2017 and ends on September 15, 2017. This time we have three stages of races, each lasts for a calendar month.

The Grand Prix of the 3rd final stage is $ 5000! And the total prize fund is $ 30000!

Terms and Conditions of the Summer AliExpress Rally

Depending on the amount of reward earned for the current stage of Rally, all publishers are split into 5 classes. All classes are selected regarding the balance of participants.

Since June 15, 2017, for every dollar earned in the AliExpress affiliate program, each participant of the Rally will receive one point. It is important that it is from the start of your participation those points will be awarded. For example, if you take part in the Rally on June 20, the points will start accruing from June 20 and you will not receive points for the money earned on June 15-19.

Statistics on earned scores will be updated every 2 hours; respectively, the list of TOP 5 leaders of the Rally for each segment may change every 2 hours.

Everyone can win a cash prize! The only thing you need is to increase your sales! Become a leader in the class, move to a new class and win more.

The only thing you need is to increase your sales! Become a leader in the class, move into a new class and win more.

This time we organized three stages of Rally and each one will last for one month.

  • The 1st stage – will be held from June 15 until July 14 and 5 winners (one from each class) will receive $ 1000 each;
  • The 2nd stage will last from July 15 to August 14. The emotions run high and the prize in the 1st class is 3000 $, the 2nd class is fighting for 2500 $, the 3rd class is competing for 2000 $, the 4th class – for 1500 $, and the 5th class will fight for 1000 $.
  • The 3rd stage is the last one and it will last from August 15 until September 15. GRAND PRIX Hot Aliexpress Summer Rally 2017 – and we raise the maximum winnings in classes up to $ 5000, $ 4000, $ 3000, $ 2000 and $ 1000 respectively.

At the end of each stage in each of the classes, the winner will be determined randomly on the air. There will be three live broadcasts – one after each stage.

After each stage all earned points are reset. In the new stage, all start with zero points without taking into account the previous stage. The transition to the next stage is automatic, you do not need to take any additional actions.

What are other news?

The timing of the Aliexpress Rally 2017 has been shifted to more favorable for the sales of Aliexpress! According to the results of the Aliexpress Rally 2016, held in January, the profit of participants was almost equal to the level of sales, when the annual Sale of Aliexpress 11.11 was held.

You have 3 months to show how good you are on the Aliexpress track!

Our Summer Rally is unique because based on the results of each of the three stages all TOP-5 participants in each class will be rewarded to the end of the next stage:

  • Class 5 – an increase of 0.5% of your current compensation
  • Class 4 – an increase of 0.4% of your current compensation
  • Class 3 – an increase of 0.3% of your current compensation
  • Class 2 – an increase of 0.2% of your current compensation
  • Class 1 – an increase of 0.1% of your current compensation

In our Rally there are no losers! There are only those who want to earn with admitad!

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