Treasure Cache: Hidden Campaigns to watch out for

It is always good to focus on the campaigns that may or may not be in your peripheral vision rather than highlighting the usual one that has already caught the eyes of all the affiliates. In this blog we will be highlighting some of the lesser explored campaigns having immense potential that  can help the affiliates in engaging audiences ultimately resulting in increasing their sales and customer engagement.

The reason behind listing these campaigns are not only their well structured payouts but also having the potential and demand in the audience base for these categories. Starting from E-learning courses to fashion and skin care brands to financial services, all these campaigns can turn out to be the ones to promote on a larger scale in the near future.

Online Services:

Times Prime

Payout: INR 220 , EPC: INR 437 , Approval rate: 99%


Payout: 7% , EPC: INR 8910, Approval rate: 91%


Payout: 3.5% , EPC : INR 997 


Payout: 18% , Approval rate: 99%

Financial Services:

NiyoX Android 

Payout: INR 160, EPC: INR 82, Approval rate: 71%

HDFC Ergo Health

Payout: INR 230, EPC: INR 202, Approval rate: 40%



Payout: 6%, EPC: INR 265, Approval rate: 71%

Bombay Shaving Company 

Payout: 19%, EPC: INR 157, Approval rate: 88%


Payout:13% , EPC:  INR 44, Approval rate: 63%


Payout:10% , EPC: INR 34, Approval rate: 74%

Always remember not all programs will be right for you; if one isn’t working out, try another one. By continually testing different programs, discovering which works the best for you and what your audience/ customer base wants from you! Of course, remember that patience pays off as well; most affiliate revenue builds up over time, so don’t jump ship just because you haven’t earned money in the first few months.

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