Ways to monetize on Financial Affiliate Programs in 2022

The Indian fintech industry has shown a huge growth potential in recent years. The way, online financial services industry is moving towards digitization, opens up a lot many opportunities for other marketers as well as for publishers. The fintech companies are developing more unique service models to improve their user experience and drive quality leads. Integration of advanced technologies in this sector enables publishers to reach out the customers more effectively and optimize their campaigns to yield maximum revenues. 

According to Admitad Affiliate Stats, the demand for financial services offers grew by 127% in 2021 as compared to 2020. Leaders among subcategories were Insurance, Deposits, Investments. Furthermore, this segment fuels up publishers’ earnings by 267%, where publishers from social networks, targeted emails, loyalty programs and messengers were the major contributors. With no further doubt, this shows that Financial services offers have a huge potential for the coming year to grow. 

Listed below are the top financial services programs that we have analyzed for you in order to reach out to the consumer with the best of their services. 

That’s not all. There are many such campaigns in the program filter «Financial Program». 

Not to forget promoting these financial affiliate programs has its own advantages. For example, high EPC and high payouts along with longer cookie duration.

Tips to succeed in Financial Affiliate Program

The financial services segment is highly competitive but at the same time this segment offers the higher/maximum earning potential. We have realized the importance of brand’s instructions that every affiliate should keep in mind while promoting or planning to promote any campaign. 

  1. Pay close attention to advertisers’ terms and conditions. The BFSI sector is critical when it comes to T&C. Due to some genuine & legal regulations the campaigns under this category need personal attention. Therefore, it’s important that all the guidelines are adhered strictly. Otherwise there is a chance of loss both in terms of business as well customers. Also it is advisable to keep your advertiser’s logo upto date.
  1. Describe the product clearly. Financial services affiliate programs fall into a handful of categories: bank affiliate programs, credit report affiliate programs, trading/investing affiliate programs. Hence, a detailed description of services/product is much required. To avoid any confusion, promotional materials should be designed as per the brand and its services. so that the user can get the gist in the first view itself.
  1. Consider trends & User habits. The current trend in the fintech world is digitization and automation, promoting the offer where users can complete the entire process without any interference. At the same time, tracing where your potential user can be is helpful. Usually, The audience of such campaigns actively comes from content sites, social networks, comparison sites, targeted emails. In the segment, micro-influencers and telegram channels have high chances of success.

If you adhere to the rules, chances are high that you will get approvals for other affiliate programmers sooner and you will better make a place on the trusted partners list. 

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