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While the industry is witnessing massive disruption around the world, the affiliates still have many options to make the best out of their traffic and monetize as much as they can. Some categories have registered a decline in the past two months, but there are others that have significantly gone up. 

Since people are stuck inside their homes, due to the nationwide lockdown, they continue to spend time online, consuming digital content that is essential and keeps them happy. This is the time to win over them. Remember, relationships built in difficult times are the strongest and we must stand by our customers in this hour of need.

What should our strategy entail?

With the use of data, affiliates and brands must be able to come up with tailor-made strategies, to establish a connection with their customers during the quarantine. Going an extra mile to assist the target audience will do wonders. Other ways to reach out to customers include:

  1. Quickly shift focus on the newly emergent categories
  2. Look out for the best offers in those categories
  3. Know what you have on offer and target the customer accordingly
  4. Partner with affiliate networks for seamless technical support

Here’s some interesting information from Admitad panel to help you strategize better. A number of segments – including consumer-centric digital products – have registered a robust growth between February and March 2020. The consumer usage of mobile orders increased from 28% to 47%. It’s the right time for the advertisers to target your mobile consumer and mobile-oriented publishers, make sure your orders tracked properly.  It is also the right moment for affiliates to start shifting the traffic towards mobile consumers and target them for the demanding categories. 

Still, wondering what affiliate programs to focus on to attract customers who are 24/7 in their homes? Here’s your guide of what categories are trending during the quarantine:

  • Hosting campaigns
  • Online gaming
  • Online education
  • OTT platforms

While the Covid-19 pandemic has affected business across the world, we would like to assure our partners that we are in it together and Admitad will stand by you, always. Because we know how crucial it is to stick together in the times of social distancing. 

For any questions that we may have not answered, you can reach out to us at publisher.in@admitad.com


Let’s stay positive!

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