11.11 – a Festival that boosts your income!

11.11, Singles’ Day, Global Shopping Festival – you can call it what you want – but anyway, it means a lot of sales, high conversion rates, multiplied number of orders and increased income. Every year, we can see a booming consumer demand, boosted by drastic discounts on various products provided by online retailers.

What is Singles’ Day? A little background.

The celebration of 11.11 comes to us from Nanjing, China, where it started back in the 90s. Originally it was called a Bachelors’ Day, four 1’s in the date 11.11 represent four singles. It was considered to be one of the best days to meet new people and start relationships. But what does it have to do with a Global Shopping Festival?

The thing is, at first, Singles’ Day served as an occasion for single people to meet and to organize parties. But later on, many shops and retailers started giving great discounts on this day to attract those singles to shopping malls. From year to year, they created new types of ads and promotional activities. And in 2009 tech and e-commerce giant Alibaba and 27 other retailers started a huge online sale on November 11th. Many shopping websites from all over the world followed the example very soon. 

Nowadays, 11.11 is not only for those who love shopping, but it has also become an important day for Publishers. Chinese marketplaces have mind-blowing sales, and Advertisers offer huge discounts, great new tools and useful resources, that help publishers bring even more traffic.

How much can you earn?

The Singles’ Day income of Alibaba Group grows on a yearly basis and in 2020, according to the official report, the final GMV reached £53.7 billion which is twice more than in 2019.

Admitad Affiliate states that in 2020 during the 11.11 Sale period, Publishers who joined the AliExpress affiliate program and drove traffic to the 11.11 sale items were able to earn more than 630 thousand pounds! Check out what traffic sources appeared to be the most profitable in 2020:

On the chart below, you can see the daily growth of a Conversion Rate that demonstrates the highest number of sales on November 11-13.

Singles’ Day 2021: What to expect?

As it usually happens, the 11.11 AliExpress Sale will have two main stages:

Warm-up stage takes place from 28th October to 10th November.

During this period your main task is to motivate users to start adding to their baskets all the products they would like to buy, using your referral link. For that purpose, AliExpress provides coupons and special landing pages.

All landing pages and coupons are on the AliExpress website, so you just need to create a deeplink to a specific page and share it with users. 

The Sale itself will take place from 11th to 13th November.

On sale days, all you have to do is nudge the user to buy. When the basket is already full, the user needs to use all coupons and bonuses they earned during the warm-up period, get a discount and place an order.

AliExpress does not change attribution traditions either – First Cookie Wins attribution is applied during the sale period. The publishers who are the first to bring traffic to the advertiser’s website will get rewards for user purchases. Moreover, it is important that the user puts the product in the basket during the warm-up period, and purchases it on the Sale Days.

Make sure to join the AliExpress affiliate program if you don’t want to miss an opportunity to get higher rates and multiply your profits. It is important to get ready in advance, and Admitad Affiliate is here to help you.
Stay tuned for more tips and updates.

And may your earnings grow dramatically!

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