Admitad Extension got updated: now more convenient and easier!

Admitad’s development team has introduced another update to Admitad Extension for Google Chrome. The new release has more features that are easier to use.

“Add links to favorites” function

This feature will allow publishers including bloggers to prepare their content plan and save links to products directly in the extension. Now there is no need to transfer links to Google docs or save them in “notes”.

For example, the user searches via the search engine for specific products and selects the stores that are marked with the Ad icon, going to the product page opens the extension and adds the link to favorites. He does this several times. At any time when the user decides to prepare the content, he opens the Favorites in the Extension account and copies the previously saved links, immediately including them in the content.

A short description of the product is placed next to the link in the Favorite section, so the user does not need to click the link again to remember what the product was. After posting, unnecessary links can be excluded from the favorites.


The “Leave a review” section got added, which will lead to the landing page, where the user can give a feedback and talk about their problems, impressions,  or share the successful cases working with the extension. All reviews will be taken into account by the Admitad team while preparing the next update.


A link to the “Affiliate Program Rules” 

Publishers and bloggers who work with Admitad Extension will be able to follow the link and find out the rules of the offer. For Lite version, it will lead to the rules of the program. For Pro version to the rules of the affiliate program itself.

We want to emphasize that the number of users who installed Admitad Extension from the Google Chrome online store has grown significantly lately. Now there are more than 30 thousand users around the world. The popularity of the Extension is due to simple installation and usage. Admitad Extension is very easy to download on a PC, log in and post links on any sites: Telegram channel, Facebook group, Youtube channel.

Earlier, we announced the major update of Admitad Extension, after which more than 30,000 advertisers worldwide became available in it. Any Internet user can earn with Admitad Extension if they have a page in social networks, a forum account, personal content site, YouTube channel, chats, groups or channels in messengers etc. 

You can learn more about Admitad Extension and install it here.

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