Admitad Teleport: Affiliate links without redirects

Previously, we invited publishers to test a tool that creates referral links without redirecting users to the affiliate network. Now, we are making it accessible to a bigger audience. Admitad Teleport is here, and publishers connected via API will be the first to take advantage of it.

Before / After

Previously, publishers used to work with our affiliate links via a redirect — after clicking, the user proceeded to the Admitad website which recorded data about the target action. Sometimes, this information was lost: the redirection could be “chopped off” by a browser, adblocker, or antivirus. As a result, publishers could lose clicks and sales, and conversion rates were falling. 

Now, instead of proceeding through the chain of sites, the user immediately gets to the advertiser’s website, and tracking of targeted actions runs as a parallel process in the background. As a result, any loss of income by Admitad publishers due to ad blockers will be excluded. No redirects — no problem.


Devil in the details

So far, Admitad Teleport works only via API, which means it requires backend integration.

In its current form, this solution is suitable for cashback services, browsers, and browser extensions, dropshipping platforms, as well as coupon services, loyalty programs, and some affiliate stores.

We intend to introduce in time a script solution for those who place links on sites manually. It will be suitable for those who have no backend developer on their team.

Finally, we are planning to introduce Teleport for other traffic types next year. Stay tuned for updates, and soon your platform will also support affiliate links without redirects.


Yet again: is Admitad Teleport via API right for you?

You have your own website or extension Yes
You are a cashback provider, a drop shipping service, a coupon website, a loyalty program, an affiliate store, or a price comparison service. Yes
You are prepared to reconfigure the redirect on the server Yes
You do not fall into the categories listed above No

If your site meets the listed conditions, we are prepared to help you switch to parallel tracking.


Why connect Admitad Teleport now?

  • Protection against blocking. If browsers start blocking redirects – which seems very likely — you risk losing tracking for all CPA traffic. Admitad Teleport will preserve targeted actions and your income.
  • Increasing order conversion rates up to 10%. The exact growth depends on your traffic, region, device type, and audience age, as well as the affiliate programs you work with.
  • Consent to data processing. With a sequential redirect, the user must consent to the transfer of data at three platforms — the publisher, Admitad, and the advertiser. With stricter GDPR and ePrivacy regulations introduced — as well as their counterparts in other regions — the scope of such consent will expand. With Admitad Teleport, it will be sufficient to request consent only on the side of the publisher and the advertiser, which will significantly boost conversion when the era of tougher privacy is upon us.


How to start using Admitad Teleport?

Replace ‘/g/’ in links with ‘/tpt/’ and send a request from your server; Admitad will respond with a JSON array with a link to the advertiser.

Instead of redirect_url, you will receive a link like this:


  •     The request should be made for user’s every click. It is not allowed to store responses in the cache.
  •     Teleport API only allows requests from the publisher’s server. Browser requests will fail.

 Detailed instructions can be found on the Admitad Teleport API page.



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