How to promote Health and Beauty products

Health and Beauty products

Valentine’s Day has passed already, but more lovely days are coming our way because spring is about to start. It’s time to open up your feelings and flourish! For us, the best way to do it is to share some useful knowledge with you. What could you do? Helping your readers find what they really want could be a nice choice.

People have always wanted, and still want, to be beautiful and healthy. This niche is constantly in high demand, and recently it has become even more popular than ever. The global wellness market grows by 5% to 10% year over year. Moreover, according to statistics by Admitad, in 2021 the average order value in this segment has also increased by 50%.

Such growth has been stimulated by various factors shaping today’s world: from healthy lifestyle trends to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are ready to empty their pockets to get these products and buy them online.

1. People fall for brands – use the name  

People feel an emotional bond with renowned brands. They trust them and prefer getting an item from a familiar brand rather than a no-name label—especially when it comes to their health and beauty.

It’s way easier to sell products from famous brands. Such companies have already built their reputation and have a pool of loyal audience.

Usually, well-known brands are ready to provide publishers with their own creatives, slogans, banners, and landing pages. However, there are some drawbacks: for instance, big brands often forbid brand bidding.

2. Make the most out of sales and holidays  

Cosmetics, perfumes, beauty treatments, and massages – people are happy to give and be gifted with these things for the holidays. Moreover, during such periods, brands offer discounts and special promotions, and the holidays themselves will be an excellent occasion for bright creatives and special content. As we all know, product selections and articles with price comparisons convert well.

It would be a brilliant idea to spend even more effort and funds on ads, promotion, and relevant content during big sales. These are the times when users are ready to splurge as they wait for these days to buy something they’ve been dreaming of.

Keep an eye on the sales of specific brands. They usually create dedicated landing pages or special website sections for value offers. Set up your targeted ads to reach the users whose birthdays are coming soon. Invite them to treat themselves or give a bonus/discount.

3. Personalise your content  

In the recent research, SmarterHQ found out that 72% of shoppers react to marketing messages only when they are customised to their interests, especially when it comes to especially self-care and intimate products.

By personalisation we don’t just mean calling a client by name, but rather coming with customized offers. Take into consideration customer’s customer’s preferences and previous purchases while creating dynamic contextual ads, writing emails and pop-up messages.

4. Use detailed targeting  

Segment users on social media with detailed targeting in Facebook Ads. For instance, the “Interests” category has a “Beauty” section which is subdivided into specific niche products. Consider the interests of your target audience while planning an advertising campaign and specify them before launching it.

5. Configure smart UX  

Try to predict the actions of users, make them feel comfortable on your website, and you’ll get an order in return. At the same time, take into account both your own experience and the tools of other stores and brands.

Offer your visitors products they ordered earlier, some similar items or related goods. For example, if the user ordered a face cream, give them a hint that a night cream will be a great addition to the routine.

Improve the visual look and usability of the website. Add product images, a detailed description, ratings, and reviews. Don’t forget to set the search and labels to attract users to certain products and help them navigate through the wide assortment.

Make your resource mobile-friendly. Research by Statista showed that in Q4 of 2021 mobile phones generated 54.4% of website traffic in the world. And 79% of smartphone users made purchases using their mobile devices at least once. Therefore, it is very important to make your website not only accessible but also readable on any kind of device.

6. Promote products you’re familiar with  

While trying to choose a new product, users have many doubts and hundreds of questions. That’s why they search for reviews and recommendations. And your task is to help these users, give good advice and get rewarded for it.

You have to understand the product or service you are promoting, tell the audience more about its features and benefits, provide examples, and share feedback from real customers. Create relevant content and special landing pages for specific new products and services explaining how they work. And your efforts will definitely pay off.

However, be careful, do not advertise dubious products that can ruin your reputation and harm the health of the buyer.

Create relevant content, try new formats  

Self-care and beauty is the best industry for videos, which works great for attracting new users and converting them into clients. According to the results of the Wyzowl survey:

  • 96% of users watch videos to learn more about a product or service.
  • 84% of shoppers say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

Videos are becoming more and more popular on various platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and of course YouTube. There is a wide choice of video format options: video reviews and feedbacks, unboxing videos, product comparisons, guides and instructions. It is not necessary for a brand to have its own video blog, because it is possible to cooperate with influencers who will make high-quality advertising for the product.

If you add video content on your website, search engines will rank the page higher. Videos also increase the CTR of the page and the time users spend on them.

Now that you are armed with knowledge, it is time to start monetizing your traffic. We have collected for you a list of our top Advertisers who work in the “Health and Beauty” segment:

You can find even more interesting products to promote in our catalogue of affiliate programmes using the category filter “Personal Care & Pharmacy”.

Start working with the Health and Beauty segment and may your profits soar!

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