How to withdraw money faster

We would like to remind you of the Express Payments feature — and other means of money withdrawal currently available at Admitad.

How do I get my money?

Withdrawing funds from the affiliate network is supposed to be the best part, however, it has never been easy and has always involved some bureaucracy. To keep it simpler and more plannable for all the parties, large affiliate networks made it possible to withdraw income only once a week — on a specific day.

In Admitad, Thursday is such a day. Each Thursday, Admtiad publishers can withdraw their funds without any commissions. However, the withdrawal has to be ordered beforehand.


Notwithstanding that, we realized that to some publishers it is critical to get money ASAP. Those who work with paid traffic need money right now so that they can keep the wheel turning and earn even more. This is why Admitad introduced Express Payments — the feature to get your money ready for withdrawal within 24 hours. 

Summing it up, there are two ways to get your earnings from Admitad: 

  1. Planned payout (free, however, it takes 5 to 10 days)
  2. Express Payment (commission for the urgency is 3,6% from the withdrawn earnings, but you get your money within 24 hours)


What else should I know about Express Payments?

  • Admitad platform supports withdrawing money in many currencies, however, express payments are only available in five: USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, and PLN.
  • Express Payments can be ordered for Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney, and bank cards.
  • Bank cards have a limit of how much money you can receive at a time. If you order an express payment with currency conversion, mind that the final figure (after the conversion) has to be under this limit.
  • Express payments are unavailable for the “Bank” and “Bank (self-employed)” payment methods.

Discover more about payment methods in Admitad Help Center.

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