Mid-summer hot news!


As it always happens, summer flies in a blink of an eye, the first half of summer has passed already. But it’s not a reason for sorrow, cause there’s still another half full of great opportunities. Now it’s time to summarise the profits that June brought us and enjoy the height of summer to its fullest! Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

In terms of number of sales, June appeared to be much hotter than in terms of weather in UK. It is not surprising that the leading category is “Online Shops”. And here are all the three categories that were the hottest in Admitad Affiliate:

For many of us, June ended up with pouring rains. But for those who work with the following offers, it was the month of pouring income. Check out TOP-5 programs that gained more than others in June:

Maybe it’s too early to think about the harvest, but not in affiliate marketing!
As you have noticed, online shopping stopped being something rare long ago. And the pandemic played a significant role in helping people to get used to buying stuff on the internet as well. So it is obvious that online-shops are one of the most profitable options for our publishers. Take a look at the categories of stores that were the most fruitful in June:

One more insight for the most careful and patient readers, Admitad Academy has prepared for you the list of the juiciest deals of July, get the most of it till it’s hot!
Now that you know all the trends and the most profitable categories, hurry up make your second half of summer full of joy and profits with Admitad Affiliate. 

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