New Feature: Publisher Notification Center

Admitad Affiliate team is proud to present our Notification Center. Now, publishers can get quick messages about our hot events, affiliate programs, and updates — all without leaving their accounts.

Why notifications are a thing

“We know how critical it is for Admitad Affiliate publishers to receive information on time —  letters get lost in the inbox, social media posts disappear from timelines, and one does not always have time to study the blog properly. That is why we launched this media channel — so that you can find out everything that matters about Admitad and its clients — in bare moments” — Anna Gidirim, Head of Admitad Affiliate.

Notifications will be posted by advertiser managers and business development managers — the very people who care that you are up-to-date with all the changes that are not a rare thing on our platform.

What will we notify about

There will be three key types of notifications — Finance, System, and Promotions.

  • Finance: all the news that has to do with payments and ways to withdraw money from Admitad Affiliate. If we add another payment system, you’ll be the first to know.
  • System: anything regarding tracking tools and income, as well as Admitad Affiliate user rules. That said, no new feature will go under your radar.
  • Promotions: marathons and festivals — any opportunities for publishers to earn more. Read these notifications to keep a hand on the short-time reward rates increases.

There will be the fourth category — Other. It will contain all the news that did not land in the previous three sections (but still important!).

More details about Notifications can be found in our Help Center.

Stay tuned

We kindly remind you that aside from the Notifications Center, you can watch Admitad Affiliate News via email (subscription available here), as well as on our corporate blog and social media.

Subscribe, stay tuned, and best of luck on the endless vastness of the web!

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