Admitad opens new office in the US to aggressively expand in the local market

Admitad continues to expand its global operations with the opening of an office in the US, its latest step to help maximize its potential in the region.

Alexander Bachmann, Admitad CEO and Founder:

“Today we’re announcing the opening of our location in Chicago as part of the company’s investment in international infrastructure and local talent. We can grow faster in the US region with the Admitad Affiliate and other businesses with Admitad’s physical presence in North America.

“We’re extremely proud of our growth from a local affiliate network to an international organization delivering outstanding results for over 30,000 brands around the world by connecting them to over 100,000 partners. 2019, 2020, and 2021 saw accelerated growth of our businesses due to large-scale transformation, as well as the largest acquisition in the company’s history to date – Tapfiliate. We will present a new Admitad, encompassing all of our  businesses and solutions,  in October 2021, stay tuned”

I would like to present Evan Johnson, head of the Admitad US Location. Evan has spent the past several years growing our business in North America, and I am confident that he and the team will continue to do so. I am sure that our new location in the US will be the boost we need to expand our team and achieve great results.”

Evan Johnson, Head of Admitad US

From Europe, Admitad has been working to expand its operations in North America over the last 3  years without a local physical presence. Now Admitad can continue its growth from its own location in the USA. 

Admitad’s HQ is located in Heilbronn, Germany. Admitad already has international locations in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, India, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Brazil, which have also seen significant growth as a result of having a local presence.

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