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An extremely hot time of sales is just around the corner! In November, two large online shopping events will take place just one by one – World Shopping Day and Black Friday. But there are even more upcoming sales striving for your attention this year. See our calendar to get prepared in advance!


Dates: October 31

A traditionally American holiday, Halloween is becoming extremely popular in Britain. The number of participants and spending on the event grow every year. Way back in 2001, just £12million was spent during Halloween in the UK. But since then, we’ve only seen this amount soar up to almost £500 million spent during Halloween in 2020.

You might wonder where all this money went and what items did those celebrating spend their money on.

Top-3 purchases of a season are fancy costumes, devilish decorations and, of course, food and confectionery.

World Shopping Day, also known as Singles’ Day

Dates: November 11 – November 13 
Warm-up: November 1 – November 10

Singles’ Day has already outgrown American Black Friday and became the largest online shopping day in the world. Last year on 11/11 just in the first 10 minutes of the sale, people spent $1 billion on various purchases on AliExpress. In total, online shoppers have spent $74 billion during this sale on the marketplace. The highest number of orders per second was 583 thousand.

The most popular products of AliExpress on the World Shopping day in 2020 were goods for home and garden, health & beauty related products, various electronics, accessories and stuff for sport and entertainment.

How does it help Publishers to boost their profits?

  • While trying to attract customers’ attention, Advertisers might offer some useful tools for Publishers (e.g. exclusive promo codes, event lading pages)
  • Commission Rates for Hot Products might raise up to 69%
  • During the sale period in the AliExpress affiliate program, the First Cookie Wins attribution model is applied. It means, the reward goes to the publisher, via whose link the user goes to the website of a product and adds it to the cart during the first visit.
  • Such a price drop not only boosts sales, but also grows customers’ loyalty. That might influence your incomes positively even after the sale is over.

Few things to remember when getting ready for the 11.11: 

  • Time: in 2021, the sale will take place from 08:00 a.m. on November 11 to 07:59 a.m. on November 13 (GMT). Don’t waste your time on moderation, create products’ links in advance using the Admitad Extension or the Telegram bot.
  • Popular product categories. The most anticipated are discounts for electronics, goods for children and  home, clothing and footwear, sports goods and beauty & health related products. Google Trends might also be handy to determine what people are interested in.
  • Make links that lead to the page of a certain product. Deeplink will help you to do it. This may boost the conversion rate and help you win the attribution (as you remember, First Cookie Wins).
  • High traffic on your website. During the sale, the increased excitement of users might take a tall on the work of your website, so you’d better be ready for it. Warn your users in advance that if they can’t place an order or apply a coupon, they just have to wait a bit. What’s even better, get a skilled person who will fix all problems in a jiffy if something happens.
  • Always remember about the cookie lifetime. You will receive a reward if the user makes the target action within the specified period of time.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Date: November 26 and November 29

The first mention of Black Friday has occurred back in 1961 in the USA. It was used by police to describe the traffic jams and intense crowding of the downtown retail stores that happened the next day after Thanksgiving. Later on, it became a holiday of great deals and huge discounts that lets people stock up with Christmas gifts in advance. And Cyber Monday can be called its “digitalized little brother” that was created by retailers in 2005 to encourage people to shop online. It is a better day to shop for tech deals and smaller gifts. Even though nowadays Black Friday & Cyber Monday are not the biggest sale any more, they still attract millions of buyers from all over the world.

What do people usually buy?

The most popular product categories of Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2020 were: PC Browser & Clients Games; Apparel, footwear, accessories; Electronics; Personal Care & Pharmacy; Toys & Goods for Babies.

How to earn more during Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

For Advertisers: 

  • Be ready to increase your marketing budget. It would be difficult to get a desired income without reasonable investments.
  • Stand out using creative ads. Everyone becomes active during the sales period because everyone wants to make the most out of it. So it is more important than ever to create a catchy advertisement with profitable deals. And don’t be afraid to experiment with various formats.
  • Provide your partners with special tools that would help them bring even more traffic: discounts for new customers, coupons, interactive online games, themed landing pages.

For Publishers:

  • Explore all available advertiser’s tools. Stores that are willing to boost their sales, usually offer a wide range of instruments.
  • Create product listings. Share a list of the Best Christmas Gifts for the loved ones or choose top-5 products in a certain category.
  • Collaborate with different stores. During this sale, advertisers from various categories will be searching for additional traffic, and this will surely have a positive effect on your account balance.

Christmas and New Year Sales

Dates: the beginning of December 2021 – 6th of January 2022

This festive period of time is full of special deals and sales, allowing people to catch the last chance and buy their Christmas presents. But Christmas shopping doesn’t end when the day is over, with the Boxing Day sales starting from the 26th of December and turning into New Year’s Day Sale.

As they say – forewarned is forearmed! And ready for big profits!
Plan your ad campaigns in advance, use Sales Calendar and keep an eye on Admitad Affiliate updates. 

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