11.11 AliExpress: get ready for profit!

The world’s biggest online shopping day is just around the corner! 

There are 2 types of people in November: those who spend money on 11.11 and those who make money on it.  

Last year shoppers spent $38bn during 11.11. shopping festival. For comparison, Amazon sells nearly half of this sum in an entire quarter.

We’ve collected all the statistics and important information to help you earn more.

When is 11.11?

The AliExpress WW important dates for the 11.11 sale:

Please take these dates into account when planning activities:

  • Warm-up: October 28 (00:00 PT) – November 10 (23:59 PT)
  • Sale: November 11 (00:00 PT) – November 12 (23:59 PT)
  • Post-sale: November 13 (00:00 PT) – November 15 (23:59 PT)

There are two key actions on this sales period — adding goods to the cart and activating a coupon. However, these actions must be taken during pre-sale. Moreover, webmasters will only receive their commission if their shoppers pay for their carts during the main sales period. 

What is the attribution?

Now let’s check the most interesting part.

 The rules of AliExpress affiliate will be changed for the period of warm-up and Big Sale:

  • The cookie lifetime is not limited to 3 days. If you attract users to the AliExpress website on October 28th and they redeem a coupon or add the products to the cart but pay for the purchase only on November 11th, the action will be attributed to you.
  • First Cookie Wins. Target action attribution during the sale follows a first-cookie-win rule. The rule applies to all publishers who attract users to click on the affiliate links and fulfill the following conditions:

           1) Redeem a coupon, 

           2) Add a product to the cart, 

           3) Perform both these actions during their first website visit. 

If you are the first to attract a user to a website and motivate him/her to add the product or redeem a coupon — you will receive the reward (after the user pays for the order on 11.11).

  • Standard Last Cookie Wins attribution during these days will work only in two cases: if a user checked out a purchase during the warm-up period (from October 28th to November 11th) and decided not to wait for the Big Sale, or if a user checked out the order within the day of the Big Sale (November 11th-13th) but didn’t participate in the warm-up.

How much can you earn?

According to the statistics from Admitad Affiliate North America, GMV during last year’s sale reached $1.2 million with 30% YOY increase; AOV  increased by 45.8%.

The daily conversion chart traditionally showed sales bursts higher on November 11-13.

If you want to multiply your income, visit the AliExpress landing page and get prepared for the biggest season sale!

How to earn more?

Prepare in advance. As you may have already guessed, you need to be the first and collect rewards for user orders according to First Cookie Wins attribution. Also, if you are joining AliExpress for the first time, you need time to pass publisher moderation.

Think about your content plan and actions. The better you understand how to proceed, the more likely you are to increase your orders. The number of webmasters working with AliExpress is growing every year, especially on the eve of the largest sale. Stand out for profit.

The main advantage of the 11.11 sale is that you can make many on working with any audience size. After all, buying on AliExpress with crazy discounts is an offer that many people like. 

Don’t miss the chance to earn!

Stay ahead on our exclusives of the biggest sale of the year on AliExpress!

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