11.11 with AliExpress: webmaster’s manual

One of the largest sales of the year — Singles’ Day — takes off  in slightly more than a week. But the pre-sale has already started. So that webmasters don’t miss the right moment, we have collected everything of importance about AliExpress conditions in this article.

Target actions

There are two key actions on this Singles’ Day — adding goods to the cart and activating a coupon. However these actions must be taken during pre-sale. Moreover, webmasters will only receive their commission if their shoppers pay for their carts during the main sales period.

Special attribution

Attribution of target actions during the sale is guided by first-cookie-win rule. So if the customer clicks first on the affiliate link of webmaster X and adds wares to the cart, and then clicks on webmaster’s Y deep link to the same ware, commission will be attributed to webmaster X. BUT: if webmasters lead the shopper to different goods, each of them will get their commission.

Coupon activation is priority action

Coupon activation > Adding to the cart > Regular Last-Click attribution.

If the customer brought by webmaster first added wares to the shopping cart, and then activated his coupon, webmaster will gain his commission for the coupon. And adding to the cart has higher priority than other cases, attributed by last-cookie-win.  

TAKE NOTICE: first-cookie-win attribution is only applicable during the main sale period (10.28 6:00:00-11.10 4:59:59 PST). The rest of the time usual last-cookie-win rule applies.

When can you get coupons?

Right now. The warm-up phase has already started and will last till 11/10 4:59 PST.

The sale itself will take place from 11/10 5:00:00 to 11/12 4:59:59 PST.

Kinds of coupons

There are three kinds of Aliexpress coupons, they are AliExpress Coupons, Selected Coupons, Store coupons (Seller Coupons).

AliExpress Coupons are the most exciting ones, you can get $5 off immediately on any of your over-$25-purchase. These coupons are only available during big promotion, so make sure to grab some!

Selected Coupons — not as powerful as AliExpress Coupon but can still help you save some money. After you’ve filled your cart and you’re ready to pay, the price of eligible items on your Order Confirmation will be automatically discounted with Selected Coupons. Selected Coupons can only be redeemed if the minimum purchase requirements are met.

Seller Coupons can only be applied it to specific products in a store. You can get this coupon directly on the product page.

Where can you get coupons?

Some of the coupons are available in webmasters’ personal accounts. More of them can be found on AliExpress’ landings: 11.11, GameLand и Coupon Rain.

GameLand is a landing page with stores, where shoppers can collect a lot of coupons. The first thing to do is collect 5 stamps — one in each of the stores. For each stamp the customer gets a Selected coupon, and for 5 stamps they get one AliExpress coupon and a badge. Three badges give the shopper a chance to win $1,000,000.

Moreover, buyers get internal currency for each purchase (max.50 coins a day). These coins can also be traded for coupons.

Coupon Rain happens few times a day, and every 4 hours during the main sale period.

The customer also has a chance to win a $1111-worth coupon if their order happens to be number 1, 11, 111, 1111, 11111 or 111111 during the sale.

How to make maximum profit from first-cookie-win?

  • Motivate your users to get coupons and add wares to the cart DURING THE WARM-UP PERIOD.
  • Remind them to come back DURING THE SALE PERIOD
  • (to cashback): you won’t get your commission if a user received his coupon before via affiliate link of another webmaster. That’s why you have to be first who motivates users to perform target actions during the pre-sale.

If you should have any questions, please address them to aliexpress@admitad.com.

We also recommend that you read Admitad Academy articles on the topic, such as «Effective ways of promoting AliExpress».

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