2021 in Review: Investments, Performance and Growth

What an action-packed year 2021 was. It is not surprising – Admitad is in the process of constant transformation investing in business development, increasing its performance and developing new solutions for further business growth for the brands and partners we are working with. This year, our tools helped generate over $11.6 billion in sales, not to  mention a successful revenue boost throughout the year. Let’s recap what we’ve achieved in 2021 and what to expect in 2022.

2021 in numbers

We start 2022 with over 38 500 advertisers from affiliate and ad networks and more than 105 000 active publishers who work with the Admitad Affiliate network, Admitad ConvertSocial platform for content creators, Pampadu online insurance service, and the Admitad Monetize monetization services, and browser extensions platforms. Here’s how Admitad’s overall performance has grown in the last 365 days:

These numbers reflect sales and revenues generated from Admitad Affiliate, Admitad Monetize, Admitad ConvertSocial, Tapfiliate, Pampadu

Admitad continues expanding  around the world; the company has recently opened an office in Chicago, USA, making it number nine  in the list of our offices with a presence worldwide. 

Our corporate startup studio Admitad Projects has been actively developing a number of promising projects. In its third year of running, the studio received over 2,000 applications for diverse innovative solutions and services.  Over 900 ideas were tested, and over 500 million lines of codes were written during this time.  

Newcomers to the Admitad family

We are building a global IT company that develops Partner Services, Monetization solutions, Account Management tools, Media Buying Services, and Smart Shopping solutions.

To be able to evaluate Admitad’s prospects in the field of Smart Shopping, the company purchased the receipt scanning service CheckScan that later became a successful alumnus of the startup studio. Later this year, the company added to its assets the online insurance service Pampadu to expand Admitad’s pool of businesses into partner services.

Lately, we have also launched ConvertSocial, a service aimed at content creators to monetize their social traffic and at brands and marketplaces to become an additional revenue stream. While ConvertSocial has been tested, and launched in its early operation, around 10K active influencers generated over $250 million in orders and received more than $5 million in payments using the new platform In 2022, ConvertSocial will continue to grow in the markets where Admitad actively operates and has its own office presence. 

How is the team doing?

Our revamp and growth couldn’t happen without our team. Currently, more than 900 highly skilled employees across the globe are making Admitad a great place to work at. Each one of them is contributing to our growing global success.

Alexander Bachmann, founder and CEO

This year, Admitad made a huge step to bolster employees’ long-term motivation. 15% of the company’s shares were allocated as stock options offered to top management and key specialists – the way to show how much hard-working talents are appreciated in the company. 

Together in good and bad times can be truly applied to Admitad, too. The company continued operating its  Support Fund, launched as early as Spring 2020 to help those employees whose families have been affected by the economic outcome of the pandemic such as job loss. Now, any employee can apply for help if they find themselves in a difficult situation, such as need for medical help, or in fact any challenging situation everyone might face at times.  

At the end of 2021, we launched the Admitad HR portal which contains a list of all the company’s job vacancies for all business streams at all locations, as well as the benefits of working at Admitad.

What 2022 holds

Of course, we will continue to grow, introduce the new business structure that we’re actively incorporating at the moment, and invest into new businesses. 

Admitad will actively expand both its geographical presence and its team. Right now, we look for people with the business-driven mindset to accelerate the company’s growth in key regions. Our skilled developers team will provide all necessary support  for such steps. 

The year will bring us both new challenges and new opportunities, and we’re happy that Admitad partners and customers will be able to master them with our solutions and services. 

We wish all of our partners a happy, successful, and above all, healthy 2022! 

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