Ad space verification update promises more transparency and convenience for advertisers and publishers

An additional verification method is now available for websites and web services as well as for some social networks platforms. The verification process has become easier and faster for our partners, which is a significant step to boost their revenues and increase earnings.

At the same time we added websites, web services (except for Email databases), some social networks and YouTube – to the list of adspaces that have to be verified. This is another important step for us towards greater transparency of partnerships for advertisers.

The update will reduce the number of cases when publishers specify third-party URLs as their advertising platforms. Such incidents lead to confusion and weaken the trust between partners and brands. Therefore, it’s important for us to streamline this process, and thanks to updated verification, it won’t take publishers too much time.

The update is only valid for new or inactive platforms. There is no need to confirm the platforms that have already been added. 

What’s new?

  1. Publishers working with traffic from social networks will need to log in to the certain social network account to confirm their platforms. It will help you pass moderation faster: an advertiser will immediately see your platform and be sure that it belongs to you. In the near future, we plan to add this confirmation method for accounts in other social networks. 
  2. One more verification method has been added for websites and web services – by DNS record. Site owners used to be able to confirm their resources by placing a meta tag and uploading a file to the root directory. Verification by DNS records and meta tag placement is used by major analytics systems, including Google. It is one of the most common and convenient confirmation methods. 

Learn more about the new platform verification methods on the Help Center page – and continue your business growth with us.

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