Admitad 11.11. report

Trends, statistics and numbers of Singles’ Day (2017 vs 2018)

Singles’ Day or the Day of All Bachelors – whatever you call it, 11.11 stays the same each year. It is one of the biggest shopping events in the World & a real SHOPPING MADNESS.

Having started as a funny holiday in China, the 11th of November, thanks to eCommerce giants, turned into a big-scale SALE of almost every product type. Some Chinese stores try to “lure in” each and every customer by offering discounts up to 99%, even reaching the price of 1 CNY.

It is clear that the sales on such days go through the roof. Admitad, being one of the biggest worldwide CPA-networks and having more than 70 China’s largest eCommerce partner stores, was monitoring sales dynamics from 10/11 to 12/11 in real time on Thanks to this unique analysis tool, Admitad is now ready to present the following Report summing up its key observations.

Each eStore in China (literally, with no exception) got prepared for the sale of 11.11. That concerns not only the giants of this business but also small retailers, that could not but participate in this shopping event: exclusive promos, deep discounts up to 99% and special coupons for further purchases. Admitad advertisers — big retail chains from all over the World — took advantage of the 11.11 shopping rush, which once again shows that each year more and more companies (and by far not only Chinese eStores) use Singles’ Day as a springboard to increase sales manyfold. Admitad believes that next year even more advertisers will join the shopping fest on 11.11 and offer their publishers more favorable conditions, higher rates and other bonuses.

Publishers, at their end, also understand the importance of the event and, as Admitad also noticed, this year they got better prepared for the promotion of eCommerce offers if compared to Singles’ Day in 2017. They did not simply “exploit” the usual traffic sources, but also bought additional ad spaces dedicated to promoting sales, arranged content  and email marketing campaigns, push, browser and mobile notifications. In addition to this, some of publishers collaborated with famous bloggers, placed promotional articles on popular entertainment online resources and created special landing pages. The number of publishers (i.e. unique publishers) also changed significantly: the increase this year was 29%, which demonstrates the active growth of publishers’ engagement in 2018 during the period under consideration.

Admitad noticed that the sales activity growth in 2018 started much earlier compared to the same data of 2017: at the very beginning of the sale period (10.11) Singles’ Day sales reached the peak at about 14.00 (GMT), went through a slight dip down and then peaked again at the end of the sale period.

As of Admitad, the average November sales were and are definitely influenced by the Singles’ Day fest, but the increase in 2018 is more notable: whereas average network sales on 10.11-12.11. in 2017 were around $73M, in 2018 the figure reached almost $77M.

As it was already mentioned above, many countries outside China took advantage of 2018 Singles’ Day sales. Sales volume (both in money and number of orders) from Chinese companies to Russian shoppers via Admitad network doubled from the same time period last year.

Israel kept its position in the chart and remained the third in terms of the sales level. The US stayed on the 4th place in both of the years whereas the 5th place this year was claimed by Spain that managed to hit the “top 5 this year” and “beat” Kazakhstan, that this year got to be the 7th only.

Based on Admitad cross-border statistics, in Europe the leaders with the biggest purchases were Germany and Spain,  in MENA region – Israel, followed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, that are on the 2nd and 3rd places accordingly. In Asia the leading position has Thailand, Singapore got to be the second*. The behavior of customers from the UK is also of interest: the growth of sales count was more than 100%, whereas the sales in USD almost tripled, but despite this fact the country only managed to hit the 7th place.

The biggest order was made in Ukraine: this year the max order check increased by 20%.


  • The biggest purchase (10.11-12.11) in the amount of $21314,61 was in Russia;
  • More than $9 mln – max amount, spent in the sale period per hour;
  • the biggest quantity of purchases – more than 580 000 – was made in between 13.00-14.00 (GMT) on 10.11.2018;
  • the quickest purchase was $1,4 thousand  / 1 sec.

Head of International Group / Advertisers’ Department Kristina Bulatova:

“We definitely did expect the growth of sales and turnover during this period. Prior to the event of 11.11 Admitad together with some of the China’s advertisers arranged a special China Fest, dedicated to the increase of publishers’ engagement in the project during the sales of 11.11. and Black Friday. For advertisers as well as for publishers it is important to understand the significance of those two sale events and start preparing for both in advance, bearing in mind the time gap between the two is less than two weeks”.

This year Black Friday will come to stores and consumers on the 23rd of November, and   

Admitad is about to share even deeper statistics of Black Friday WORLDWIDE!
Stay tuned and don’t miss Admitad’s next report on the results of Black_Friday 2018    


*Admitad is ready to provide you with its more detailed statistics upon request

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