Admitad Academy is about to launch the first free online course for publishers

Exciting news for publishers who have just found out about affiliate marketing and want to understand how it works.

Admitad Academy is about to launch the first free online course for publishers “Affiliate marketing for beginners” in English and you shouldn’t miss it out. It starts on August 17th.

This course is for beginners so you don’t need to have any skills in affiliate marketing. The speakers of the course will explain everything in details starting from the beginning and then introducing more advanced topics. However, you should be an experienced Internet user in order to have an easy and fast start — you should know how to use social networks such as Instagram, Facebook etc. And you should know how to easily google any necessary information.

The topics that we will be covered in the course:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • Pricing models: what’s the difference between CPA, СPS and CPL
  • Most popular traffic sources: where to place affiliate links
  • How to choose affiliate programs and join them
  • Best analytical instruments to study the market and competitors
  • Ways of earning on YouTube: what content helps you to make money 

The course consists mostly of video lectures where our experts of affiliate marketing share their knowledge. All of them have extensive experience in working with publishers and advertisers.

Don’t miss your chance and sign up for the free course here.

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