Admitad Affiliate enhances account security with two-factor authentication

Admitad Affiliate is pleased to introduce a new level of security for the Publisher’s account – two-factor authentication (2FA). Activate 2FA to make your working experience at Admitad Affiliate network even safer and protect your funds and personal information.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

You’ve probably got used to the fact that if you want to access most websites on the Internet – no matter if it is a social network, an e-mail or an online bank – you need to confirm your identity. When it comes to relatively unimportant websites, it is usually enough to use your login and password. If the scammers hack into that account, they will hardly be able to harm you.

But when it comes to platforms that deal with personal data and significant amounts of money – banks, digital libraries and business services – additional security levels are necessary. For example, using another device to verify users’ identity. That is why Halifax sends you SMS with a code, and Steam requires you to enter a one-time password from the application.

Let’s sum it up: two-factor authentication is authentication through two devices – a computer and a smartphone. Even if the intruders get your password, they won’t be able to access your money or personal information.

You can find more interesting examples of two-factor authentication in the Academy feature.

How can I activate two-factor authentication?

At Admitad Affiliate, we have chosen two-factor authentication via the Google Authenticator mobile app, but we cannot enable it without your participation.

To protect an account, a publisher needs to go through these seven simple steps:

  1. Log in to your personal account,
  2. Click on your login and go to “Settings”,
  3. Open the “Account Security” tab and click “Set up”
  4. Specify and confirm your phone number,
  5. Download the Google Authenticator app,
  6. Scan QR code,
  7. Enter the 6-digit code that appears on the screen and click “Enable protection”.

You can find a detailed guide in our Help Center.

Taking care of our Partners

Admitad Affiliate is constantly working to increase the usability of the platform for clients and partners. We create tools that allow publishers to monetize their content effectively, and help to get their rewards for the sales they’ve brought faster. And the introduction of two-factor authentication is another step towards improving the security of our Publishers’ accounts and their personal data. 

We keep an eye on the dynamics of the digital market and are ready to provide ready-made solutions on time. 

Activate 2FA right now to boost the security of your funds and personal data!

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