Admitad cancels express payments commission

Admitad affiliate network is delighted to announce we have cancelled express payments commission.

Webmasters of AD1 to AD3 levels will be able to withdraw confirmed earnings from their account within mere minutes. This applies to currencies available in payment services supported by Admitad system (PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments).

Until now, Admitad used to charge 5% of the withdrawn sum for each express payment. To avoid paying the fee, our webmasters had to order regular weekly withdrawal.

Now Admitad partners can get their money quick and easy, no obstacles involved.

This will be most beneficial for webmasters with paid traffic as they should be able to reinvest, boost turnover speed and expand advertising campaigns much faster. Partners working with Online Games will benefit too — due to short hold time in this field. However, we are sure webmasters of all other areas will appreciate free express payments as well.

«We hope this decision will encourage more international publishers to join Admitad network», — commented Anna Gidirim, Head of Publishers Admitad.

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