Admitad Extension is now available in the Microsoft Edge browser

We are thrilled to introduce to you more opportunities with the Admitad Extension tool: now it is available for the Microsoft Edge web browser.

The web browser has become one of the most popular web browsers  with an increasing number of users.

Edge has begun to be seriously considered as an alternative to Chrome and Firefox, with its support for extensions, fast performance, and clean design. 

 It is an excellent web browser that’s trusted by over 8% internet users


Install Admitad Extension for Microsoft Edge today and enjoy a fast, private, and productive experience while you browse.

Admitad Extension allows you to immediately start working with over 30000 advertisers from across the world on a CPA-based model. Start making affiliate links quickly and easily to get the most delicious Xmas deals & coupons right on the advertiser’s website.

Check our latest tutorial video on how to use the tool. Inside you’ll find all answers to your FAQs.


Feel free to use the most convenient method of working with Extension for you:

Install Admitad Extension for Opera  

 Install Admitad Extension for Google Chrome

Install Admitad Extension for Microsoft Edge


Stay tuned for more updates. 


Admitad USA Team

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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