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We are happy to share with you the preliminary results of the work of admitad in 2017.

The sales grew 2.5 times compared with 2016.

The advertisers’ sales volume grew 2.5 times compared with 2016.

The payment volume to the affiliates grew 2.5 times compared with 2016.

CPA 2018 Trends

  • Mobile Traffic
  • Transparency
  • Cross-Device-Tracking
  • Adblock
  • Customer Journey
  • Influence Marketing

Admitad Invest

As of December 2017, the fund invested more than USD 2 million in more than 10 projects. According to, Admitad Invest has entered the top five of the RF among the seed funds on the number of early invested projects.

11.11 Great Sale Insights

For the 11th of November 2017, sales of Chinese e-shops through admitad got close to USD 30 million. The share of Europe is 84% of the sales, Asia 13%, the US 3%. In 2016, the sales volume for the 1th of November made about USD 17 million.

Black Friday Insights

On Black Friday 2017, the sales volume through admitad made USD 43 million, which is twice the amount of the same period in 2016.

Holiday Season Sale

On Holiday Season, the month following Black Friday, the sales volume exceeded USD 236 million, which is in 2.45 times more than in the same period of 2016.

Asia Cross-Border Success Story

The cross-border sales volume in China through admitad exceeded USD 500 million. The cross-border sales volume in India increased 14 times compared with 2016 and made USD 18 million.

Influence Marketing

In 2017, admitad invested USD 1.75 million more in the platform Epicstars rates by the end of year:

  • 25,000 bloggers available on the platform
  • 2,105 successful closed sales
  • 690,000 views per month got by Youtube bloggers in total
  • 24 million subscribers got by Instagram bloggers in total

We pay a lot of attention to influence marketing, as it is one of the main trends in 2018.

Admitad Global Report 2017

At the beginning of 2018, we will submit Admitad Global Report 2017 to you. Please follow our announcements.

admitad – Participant of a Cross-Border International e-commerce Conference
admitad Invest has reached TOP 5 Russia’s seed funds


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