Admitad invests over $30M to transform into a multi-product global company

We reviewed our 3-year round of investing in a massive transformation from affiliate network business into a global IT company. Over $30 Million was spent on building, acquiring, and implementing businesses into the new global structure. How do these changes affect advertisers and publishers we work with? 

Since its founding in 2009, entrepreneurs and marketers have perceived Admitad purely as an affiliate network (which is now called Admitad Affiliate) since it’s exponential growth has soon resulted in market leadership in affiliate business. In 2015 we launched the first new product – a budget management system for advertising networks. Since 2015, the share of revenue from new businesses has grown steadily. The total revenue has increased as well, indicating organic explosion of our businesses globally:

At the beginning of 2022 Admitad’s new structure includes seven B2B businesses and one B2C business, which were either internally nurtured or acquired:

These business units offer over 20 solutions for innovative marketing, including clients acquisition tools, long-term partnerships solutions, tools to monetize content and social traffic, manage earnings and handle budgets in advertising networks, and last but not least –  Smart Shopping.

United Admitad ID account – all in one stop

All B2B services will be managed by signing enabled account, Admitad ID, which is used for logging in to Admitad (Google uses a similar principle in its ecosystem). Admitad ID will be mandatory and the only way to access the system.

“We are building a company through business units, and Admitad ID will be the basic part of the infrastructure. This account will become a safe and convenient repository for all users’ personal information. Thanks to it, each business will not need to independently develop an authorization system, take into account the laws for data storage and processing in each jurisdiction, rethink user security – all these important tasks are covered by Admitad ID. In the future, it will allow launching new products much faster and strengthening cross-selling between different businesses,” – said Alexander Bachmann, CEO and founder of Admitad.

What else will change in 2022?

Through 2022, Admitad Store will allow affiliates to access over 20,000 advertisers worldwide, including offers from other affiliate networks and direct partnerships with advertisers. 

Adgoal, acquired in 2018, will be divided into two platforms, Admitad Monetize and Admitad ConvertSocial. The first will revolve around monetizing websites, browser extensions, software solutions, and search results. The second will be devoted to cooperating with influencers and content creators.

In order to explore Smart Shopping B2C solutions, the company also acquired the CheckScan service in 2021 (which successfully passed through the startup studio accelerator).

Additional features and new sites 

In September 2021, a new company website was launched, which lists the company’s locations, business solutions and contacts. At the beginning of 2022, the site was launched, which presents current Admitad vacancies in all countries of presence.

Privacy and Terms of all company services are posted on a single portal

The help center of the partner network has moved to the centralized, a single center for the company’s support for all business solutions. In 2022, the first 24/7 customer support line will be created.

The website of the Admitad Affiliate Network is now located on the subdomain and will be relaunched in 2022 in accordance with the updated corporate style.

New logo and rebranding of Admitad

The new Admitad logo which appears modern and clean, and is supposed to improve readability of the brand, has been introduced.   

Rebranding is still going on, and will be completed throughout 2022 – which includes   changes in design of B2B business websites, newly branded email newsletters and co-branded appearance of official accounts on social networks. Of course, the offline environment will change too, with the new offices following the new CI direction of Admitad. 

The head office in Heilbronn, Germany will be the first to go through the makeover. This is how Admitad headquarters might look like in the near future:

A mock up ⒸAdmitad

What is next?

“2022 is the beginning of a new chapter in our history, the new Admitad will not go unnoticed. In 2020 and 2021 we have made significant progress in becoming a global technology company that allows businesses to attract customers and helps website owners and content creators to monetize traffic, make the most out of content and to manage earned revenues in digital business,” – says Alexander Bachmann.

Our business is still people’s business. The transformation and development of the company could not be successful without our employees. With over 900 employees around the world, Admitad is an incredible place to work, and each of them makes a unique contribution that helps us to grow steadily. 

Admitad will continue to expand its structure and develop tools that will help businesses to reach new audiences and support publishers in monetizing their traffic. The company continues its global expansion — last year saw the opening of an office in the US, the ninth country where Admitad has a physical presence. 

The list will go on; at the moment we are actively expanding in Europe, focusing on our key markets and exploring new opportunities in emerging markets, making our businesses future-proofed for any challenging times that might come.  

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