admitad is launching a certification program for the CPA market players

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Certification of specialists has existed in the market of Internet marketing for quite a long time, but each instrument has its own certification program.

If we talk about the market of CPA marketing and of CPA specialists, there is no such institute in the CIS at the moment in any standardized and commonly accepted form. But at the same time the market of affiliate marketing is growing, this has been noted many times by advertisers who use the CPA channel to increase sales via the Internet.

admitad’s affiliate network has announced the launching of a program for development of common standards, training, and certification for specialists who work with affiliate networks.

The first course in certification will be held in late January 2018, and will be intended for specialists in CPA marketing from companies that work, or are just planning to start working with affiliate networks.

Over the 8 years, admitad has accumulated enough expertise and connections with leading representatives of the market both on the side of publishers and on the side of advertisers. This will allow for elaborating common standards of work in the CPA market that will be agreed with all the market’s participants, and will make it possible to attract mentors for expert assistance in training and certification.

“For many people, CPA marketing still remains Pandora’s box. Everybody understands that CPA brings sales and earnings, but many people don’t understand how this model works. This gives rise to many stereotypes, and prevents the market from developing at the pace that it can afford having all the necessary infrastructure at the moment.

“In September 2017, we started working at development of a program for training and creation of the admitad Academy, and within the frame of the Academy we have already held several webinars and in-person seminars both for publishers and for specialists on the side of advertisers. Altogether we have been able to engage over 1000 persons in the Academy’s events. We have been convinced once again that there is a very high demand for training, for getting acquainted with the market of CPA marketing. People are ready to increase their level of knowledge in this field. We only have to provide them with instruments and materials. And this is what we are going to pay attention to in 2018”, admitad’s CEO Alexander Bachmann commented on the launch of the certification program.

As part of the support of the initiative on formation, standardization, and training of the CPA market, the admitad company has joined the IAB Russia association where, together with other companies, it is planning to take an active part in the development of the market of interactive advertising.

admitad membership: Digital Marketing Association & Performance Marketing Association
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