admitad launches a convenient tool for integration and management of mobile offers



January 30, 2018 admitad has launched a self-designed technology of mobile SDK which has unique advantages of tracking and gathering CPA statistics in mobile applications of an advertiser.

“Today every popular e-shop has its own mobile application, not to mention a mobile version of the main website. More and more users do shopping from smartphones, and the number of connected devices is on the rise. Admitad Mobile SDK is a ready-made tracking solution for online sellers who want to attract buyers and track buying in their mobile applications under the CPA model. Our solution makes it possible to automatically determine the availability of an advertiser’s application on a smartphone with no need to go to App Store/Google Play,  it can gather information about the device to fight against fraud and properly assign conversion for every purchase to an appropriate publisher”, Roman Barkholenko, admitad Chief Technical Officer says about the new solution.

How admitad Mobile SDK Works?

Mobile SDK is a part of mobile integration with admitad. After the tool is implemented in an advertiser’s application, it will allow him to track the application installation, user registration, order checkout and payment, return and entering in the application and so on.

Thanks to this technology, every time a user follows the referral link, admitad will automatically determine the traffic source and, consequently, the user type. The traffic is divided into mobile and desktop. If the traffic is mobile, we will determine whether an advertiser’s mobile application is installed or not. If the application is installed, a user immediately goes to the needed page in the application, where the advertiser, with the help of SDK, will track the needed target actions of the user and will send them into the admitad tracking system in order to accrue a fee to the publisher.

admitad Mobile SDK is free of charge. Not only does the solution allow to track CPA processes, but it has an advantage over other mobile SDK in that it can determine the availability of an advertiser’s application with no need to go to App Store/Google Play. SDK admitad makes it possible to exchange new clickids in the application not only during the installation, but also at any further goings, which allows to assign conversions just to the publisher who has brought a client.

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