Admitad launches Earnings Wallet for publishers

By integrating the new service, Admitad publishers will have one place to manage their earned revenues. There will be no need to duplicate data storage for payments and VAT related data across different virtual accounts. Aside from managing and withdrawing funds via selected payout services, Earnings Wallet will also assist with managing and withdrawing funds in the required currency.

“With the Earnings Wallet, we continue development of further products in fintech and will definitely introduce more products like these in the future. Admitad offers a number of services that boost digital revenues, including Partner Network, Monetize Network, ConvertSocial, and others. Having everything in one place, from earnings management to withdrawal of funds, was the logical step for us and our publishers. Admitad’s Earnings Wallet is the market-proven solution to these needs, and we consider it to be integral to all of our businesses. Earnings Wallet will be rolled out gradually over several months and will be available to all Admitad publishers,” – Alexander Bachmann, founder and CEO of Admitad.

What is working now?

  • Funds transfer from Partner Network to Admitad Earnings Wallet
  • Management of payment and tax details
  • KYC services & tools
  • Funds withdrawal to a bank account, bank card, PayPal, and other payment systems
  • Express payouts
  • Currency exchange
  • Generation of important financial documents such as invoices and reports.

What future features are planned?

We continue working on several products and services in fintech that will be market-tested and rolled out in the next couple of months. Our focus is on offering simple, all-in-one touch point for our partners and customers in order for them to be able to manage their revenues and earnings seamlessly.

In the coming month, all Partner Network users will be able to request a withdrawal of funds only through the Earnings Wallet. Then it will be rolled out to all Monetize Network and ConvertSocial users.

You can use the service via the following link, provided that you have an account with Admitad.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements at Admitad!

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