Admitad launches payments and withdrawals in cryptocurrency USDT

Transactions are now available in United States Dollar Tether

Admitad Partner Network continues to expand its capabilities and enhance its services for partners and clients. Having just launched Earnings Wallet a few months ago, the company recently announced a new feature that allows transactions to be withdrawn and collected in USTD cryptocurrency.

In this way, partners using the Earnings Wallet (which is currently only available to partners with the Partner Network) will be able to withdraw USDT to their crypto wallets.

What is USDT

“The United States Dollar Tether” or USDT is the first and most popular stablecoin issued by the US-company Tether. Among all cryptocurrencies that are equated to fiat money, stablecoin was the first to appear on exchanges in 2015.

Currently, USDT is ranked third among all cryptocurrencies with a capitalization of over 80 billion dollars.

The main difference between stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies is the provision of real money. In response to funds received from individuals or legal entities, Tether Limited issues stablecoins; upon receipt, the company issues USDT equivalent to the funds received, and on redemption, the tokens are destroyed.

As with any cryptocurrency, USDT has pros and cons, with the pros currently outweighing the cons.

  • Compared to other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it has a low volatility.
  • Transparency in emissions. As part of its compliance monitoring, the company claims to constantly track USDT issuance and fund compliance.
  • A high-quality US dollar collateral is provided as security.
  • Different blockchains are used to distribute USDT.
  • Transaction speed is high in fast blockchains (BSC, Polygon).
  • There is a high prevalence among exchanges, exchangers, and wallets.

In other words, they always have the same price as “real” currencies 

USDT = $1

How does it work at Admitad

  1. Add payment information for cryptocurrency.
  2. Go to the “My accounts” section in the Admitad Earnings Wallet.
  3. Select the wallet from which you want to withdraw money.
  4. On the wallet page, click “Withdraw funds”.
  5. Then select the withdrawal method in USDT, click “Next” and then follow the instructions.

Done! You’ve created a request to transfer funds via Admitad Earnings Wallet.

Please note that only crypto wallets that support Tron or Ethereum blockchain platforms could be used. Withdrawals are available only to crypto wallets in USDT currency, you can withdraw funds from Earnings Wallets in any currency except RUB and SAR.

SPEED. The transaction comes to the wallet within a couple of minutes.

AVAILABILITY.This withdrawal method is already available in Express Payments.

PROOF. Dozens of the first payments in USDT have already passed through the system, and partners have successfully received tokens on their wallets.

WHAT IS NEXT. After we collect feedback from customers and fully test the system, we may add other tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Please read detailed guides through all sorts of withdrawal options here.

Stay tuned for more updates and new features coming your way soon. 

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