admitad membership: Digital Marketing Association & Performance Marketing Association


admitad has recently joined the professional associations DMA and PMA as part of the global online advertising market development.Performance Marketing Association brings together leading players from different areas of the market. This allows a comprehensive look at the problem and development of a strategy that reflects the interests of all existing business models. The association is extremely interested in attracting new advertisers who would take part in determining the course of industry development. PMA pays particular attention to the disclosure requirements, making emphasis on the fact that by applying its practical experience, participants will be able to fit into the existing realities more organically and improve the industry image.

PMA participants have tools to increase profits and sales growth at their disposal, as well as reports, instructions, and practical recommendations as information support. The main objective of performance marketing is to increase sales, taking into account the specific performance of each individual direction.

In keeping with the principles of DMA (Digital Marketing Association), the company builds direct interaction with each consumer of its goods and services. Unlike mass advertising, digital marketing helps to achieve high performance due to precisely predictable results, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

DMA provides its partners with legal support, innovative and training programs, as well as the mechanisms of interaction between customers with advertisers. DMA participants include over 1,400 companies, many of which are leaders in their niches.

DMA members follow strict rules, which prescribe data usage standards. These include confidentiality, consumer notifications, and the collection and use of personal data. The Association accepts complaints from consumers or other companies and allows participants of the association to remedy inconsistencies. Otherwise, such companies are listed as “unscrupulous individuals.”

Becoming a partner of DMA and PMA, admitad joined the leading market players and got the opportunity to share its knowledge and experience at the international level. Participation in these Associations allows advertisers to cover a large part of the target audience and interact with consumers more closely, promoting their products. Publishers can get an access to all necessary guidelines and information on how  to work with partner programs, including top effective tools to boost sales.

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