Admitad Affiliate & PatPat: 2021 sales highlights & goals for 2022

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PatPat campaign grew almost twice in 2021 and, specifically, scaled its presence in the US, DE, UK and FR markets.

About PatPat

PatPat was founded by InterFocus INC in 2014 for moms and their kids.

PatPat’s mission is to provide the cutest, most stylish baby and kid’s clothing for hardworking moms. It connects end-manufacturers to end-consumers directly. The categories are for Men, Women, Teens, Babies, Toddlers and Children. They also offer Home, and Beauty products.

Brief partnership overview: 

Since joining the Admitad Affiliate network in 2018, PatPat’s strategy has evolved significantly. Initially, the key focus was to increase their brand awareness and “…to let the world get to know more about the brand” by establishing top performers and achieving monthly sales targets as the program grew. 

Throughout the partnership, PatPat and Admitad Affiliate evolved into a more strategic relationship about how to best partner with a more diverse range of affiliates to drive growth and innovation across the wider program. Throughout 2021, PatPat’s new strategy achieved huge successes in the channel, putting them at the forefront of their vertical “Online stores: Toys, Kids & Babies.”

The goals set for 2021:  

  • Optimize existing publisher activity increased YOY sales performance by 50%,
  • Diversify the program’s publisher base with a special focus on retargeting tools,
  • Create brand awareness along with the online presence,
  • Showcase program potential to publishers with emails, additional promos, display.

The approach:

PatPat and Admitad Affiliate worked strategically to spearhead innovation within the affiliate space. Together, we conducted research into publisher performance within their vertical, as well as outside the sector to identify new publishers that offered an opportunity for further growth and diversification.

What we have done together to achieve the sales results in 2021:

We took a series of steps, including the following activities:

  • Sent out tailored newsletters & email blasts to publishers in North America
  • Activated social media announcements
  • Published media press releases
  • Served & promoted display ads on dashboard and catalog in the advertisers’ store for Admitad’s affiliates on a global scale
  • Launched landing pages to stand out with online deals, specials on a huge sale related to the BFCM period. 
  • Recruited other traffic types that are more related to brand products – content creators, social media publishers and kids’ apparel reviewers.
  • The integration of such tools as retargeting and mobile app tracking enabled us to expand PatPat target audience without compromising ROAS metrics. It helped to analyze data by traffic types (mobile and desktop) and evaluate the effectiveness of the affiliate program more accurately. The key fact that PatPat achieved a lot more in 2021 than a year before was that the number of retargeting publishers drastically increased. This helped with targeting the consumer in the ways of media buying and adding more quality traffic for the PatPat brand. “…Also, we could figure that most of the orders from our retargeting publisher were on mobile app, that somehow give us an insight of doing analysis of our performance, so we could work more on the one we perform better.”
  • Enabling Personalized Marketing for better promotion by recruiting new affiliates, negotiating deals and introducing new bonus scales, managing the design of creatives for banner ads and landing pages and ensuring affiliates get paid.

The biggest challenge:

The most challenging part for the advertiser was to reach out to the publishers and get to know their expectations from advertisers. 

“.. I’ve tried to reach out to some of our publishers by myself, but somehow I don’t receive feedback from them. I’ve tried website searching, email address searching, etc.”

“…Getting in touch with the publisher and receiving feedback from them also could be difficult sometimes, but with the help of Admitad Affiliate’s manager of the PatPat affiliate program, it becomes easier and more efficient.”

The results:

The PatPat campaign proved to be a great success, with the following targets met and exceeded:

  • The number of PatPat orders driven in 2021 achieved over 44k with a YOY increase of 180%.
  • Total sales & publisher’s commissions saw 151% increase YOY, demonstrating consistent & solid annual growth.
  • Number of trusted partners continues to grow, currently exceeding 2,500 active affiliates.

In 2022 PatPat plans “ expand more opportunities with Admitad Affiliate” and “…would expect to have 60% of sales increase compared to 2021.”

Goals for 2022:

  • Increase YOY number of sales by 60%
  • Increase the number of active publishers by 40% while ensuring close and long term partnership at least with 70% of that number
  • Double the number of retargeting publishers
  • Integrate a new tracking platform for APP traffic which will improve the attribution modeling
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