Admitad will acquire Pampadu to expand its partnership service

Admitad continues to expand its portfolio of businesses. In the fall of 2021, insurance aggregator Pampadu became part of Admitad and, by doing so, opened up the opportunity to enter other markets and find more partners to generate leads for financial and insurance firms.

Pampadu is an insurance marketplace that allows individuals and small- and medium-sized enterprises to remotely issue electronic insurance certificates through a single account and make money by acting as brokers. Website and app owners will be able to monetize their audience by installing the insurance certificate purchase widget.  

The service offers various types of insurance: third-party liability insurance, property insurance, mortgage insurance, etc. Pampadu clients are insurance agents, brokers, publishers, banks, and all other entities that want to make money through the sale of insurance certificates.

“This deal will help Admitad to increase the number of partnership services within the company and strengthen our positions in the credit and insurance markets, as well as find new partners to generate sales for banks and insurance companies. Publishers will get new traffic monetization tools, and advertisers will be able to reach bigger audiences. I believe this product has massive potential. I’m convinced that Sergey Loktev and his team will lead the market, and we’ll do everything we can to help them in this effort.” — Artyom Ozerkov, Admitad COO.

About Pampadu in numbers:

  • 390,000 vehicles insured
  • $35M USD brought into insurance firms’ budgets
  • 10,000+ affiliates earn with Pampadu
  • Over 350,000 USD paid to affiliates every month

Above that, Pampadu is the resident at the Skolkovo Innovation Center and ranks among Russia’s Top 3 third-party liability insurance aggregators.

Pampadu has been in the market since 2019. Late 2020, the service raised investments from Admitad that helped the company double in size within 12 months. With its effective product, Pampadu easily made its way into Admitad Projects business accelerator that assisted Pampadu with conducting regular tracking and establishing workflows.

“Admitad Projects became acquainted with Pampadu in the summer of 2020, and immediately started seeking ways to help the project speed up its growth. Luckily, Sergey was one of the strongest founders we’ve ever met. Our role was mostly letting a good team do its job rather than interfering with their operations. It’s great that the project already got through its ‘Death Valley’ as a startup and is now moving to the growth stage. On our end, Admitad will help to make this path as smooth and fast as possible.”Max Volokhov, Head of Admitad Projects Startup Studio.

“The accelerator’s infrastructure and investment helped us feel we are able to grow two or even three times as fast year-over-year, so it must have been the right decision. We see the future benefits of our collaboration, which is why we decided to increase Admitad’s share in Pampadu and then arrange the subsequent acquisition. We have big goals for the next 2 years in terms of scaling up our affiliate sales service for insurance and finance for offline agents, publishers, and end customers. We’ll keep on rocking with the same passion!” Sergey Loktev, Pampadu CEO and Founder. 


Once the acquisition is complete, Pampadu will gain access to Admitad’s legal and financial infrastructure in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, the UAE, India, Brazil and CIS, as well as to centralized services within the company.

Admitad offers solutions across multiple lines of business: customer acquisition and retention, traffic and content monetization, media buying services, marketing automation, and financial services. Previously, the company acquired CheckScan, Tapfiliate, Adgoal, invested in Revglue and Letyshops. You can find the full list of Admitad’s areas of operation on its website.

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