Admitad transforms mobile apps marketing into a separate business

Admitad leverages its mobile programs expertise and launches a separate Mobile Performance Network. Successful affiliate network collaborations with key partners and clients continues with a dedicated business team, aiming at increasing the mobile clients base, attracting mobile publishers while keeping the traditionally high level of Admitad services for all clients. 

The mobile app industry is thriving, with over 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world and 9 million counted mobile applications. Admitad, being an established market player for years, decided to strengthen its focus on this promising market and leverage its expertise and existing know-how in the mobile apps business. App installations matter, so does the increasing number of in-app purchases and ARPU. 

According to Admitad, the share of purchases made via smartphones in 2021 exceeded 55% – for a large number of businesses, smartphone users have already become the main type of buyers. Moreover, customers are ready to spend money with any application, not only mobile stores. Although Ecommerce is expected to hold the lead in terms of the number of sales, it is immediately followed by entertainment applications – from online cinemas to mobile games. 

Since 2018, Admitad publishers have attracted over 15 million clients using mobile apps tools. But within the framework of the partner network, this segment remained for Admitad only one of many, which means we could not pay enough attention to it – until now. 

Mobile Performance Network, a spin off by Admitad, has been launched to focus on boosting the performance of Admitad mobile customers

“We have successfully helped our clients to rapidly develop their mobile applications, work with such important indicators as ARPU and LTV and achieve various goals. Now it is time to leverage this experience. The Mobile Performance Network team will be able to prioritize the needs of mobile applications and apply all the accumulated expertise to achieve outstanding results,” – reassures Alexander Bachmann, founder and CEO of Admitad.

Post-install conversion events such as sales, bookings or new subscriptions also remain in focus; the number of international and local mobile campaigns is thought to double in the coming months. Admitad plans to attract more mobile-first publishers to offer additional mobile traffic and in-app sales for advertisers of Admitad Affiliate Network using cross-device and in-app tracking. 

A new scalable opportunities for mobile app owners and mobile-first publishers

Mobile Performance provides traffic from the most popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, TikTok, DSP/RTB platforms, Apple Ads Search. Admitad combines an extensive influx of traffic with the use of reliable tracking solutions – meaning that all metrics for the development of an application will be as accurate and transparent as possible.

Admitad is all about a personalized approach. Therefore, partners can flexibly customize all aspects of the user acquisition campaign, choose any goals that are relevant to them, and quickly change the focus to those indicators that are in the spotlight at the moment. By engaging your audience with the Mobile Performance Network tools, you can choose the location and parameters of your target audience and use traffic sources that fit perfectly into your current marketing strategy. The results from our clients confirm that this tool is effective for any segment and goal:

Mobile Performance Network is one of the most effective ways to immediately grab the attention of users, boost the performance of an app and achieve multiple goals using a single platform. 

With the growth of this business we will continue to invest in the future of mobile marketing, introduce new tools and help our clients and partners reach new heights.

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