Admitad UK: what goods are trending during the quarantine?

While some affiliate programs convert poorly these days, plenty of others grow sharply and get millions of sales. We compared our advertisers’ sales data over 2019/2020 Q1 and want to share our observations. 

The world is changing by the day and we are not sure what will happen to us tomorrow. Surely, the coronavirus pandemic has created multiple challenges for all of us around the globe. Lots of companies work remotely and are trying to adapt to the current situation.

Affiliate marketing is an online business anyway, so in this sense, we have some advantages. The first of them — our clients were already online and we have connections with them through different online channels, so nothing changed. People will still buy goods online — especially if they are staying at home with children and have more time for shopping. No doubt, affiliate programs in travel experience some difficulties and we may notice decreasing sales there. But it’s only temporary, people will come back to traveling in a few months.

We want to comfort our publishers: the situation is not as desperate as it seems to be. People are still buying things! You just need to focus your attention on other programs that are currently trending and have high conversion rates. We can point out three groups of good categories:

Quarantine goods 

According to Admitad statistics, a surge of over 1000% was seen in pharmacy, hypermarkets and food delivery. There is no doubt that customers started to order medicinal face masks, antiseptics, hygiene products online, as well as order food. You may find such products in the following stores:

Essentials and homeware

Orders of Kids Shops increased by 112%, Health & Beauty by 513%. Customers also ordered Furniture & Homeware, it’s time to redecorate your home. Household Appliances & Electronics earnings raised 41% more than last year. Here are a few Admitad advertisers from the listed categories:


Entertainment to make time pass

Our data shows that mobile programs grew 77% — presumably because people spend more time on their smartphones. They also showed an increasing interest in reading — orders of books increased by 105% over the year. You may want to have a look at these advertisers:





Don’t panic, stay healthy and take care of yourself!

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