Admitad updates ‘Integration with GoogleAds’

As the Google Adwords changed its name, so did we. But it’s not the only difference: we have improved our previous Integration instrument, making the process significantly easier, faster, and more secure.

In the past, webmasters had to apply for access to AdWords API, add the app into Google API Console, and wait for Google’s approval — only after that would you be able to get the client’s details. It was a painstaking multi-step procedure that would sometimes take a few weeks.

Enhanced security allowed us to make Integration with GoogleAds available to all Admitad webmasters. Now the whole process will take just a few clicks — just as easy as it’s meant to be. After that, you’ll get full access to each and every advantage of integration.

What benefits does Integration with GoogleAds provide?

All the same as before.

It allows adjusting conversion statistics from Admitad to Google Ads — split by corresponding advertising campaigns. Integration helps to swiftly define the value of keywords and search queries in terms of conversion rates. Thus, you can cut down wasteful spending and optimize your promotion costs.

It will be most helpful for those webmasters who buy huge amounts of traffic from Google Ads and generate a lot of conversions for Admitad advertisers.

To turn on Integration with Google Ads, follow the instruction on Help. Admitad subsite. It is now much shorter and will help you turn the instrument on in no time.

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