Admitad launches pioneering monetization platform for content creators

Admitad has launched ConvertSocial, a platform that will help influencers earn by cooperating with businesses, giving them full control over their income. During Convert Social’s beta test, nearly 10,000 active influencers have already generated over $250 million in orders worldwide, and received more than $5 million in payments.

“Social media, messengers, and video services are competing to have more opinion leaders who would create content with and for them, but they often don’t share ad revenues with the content creators. Or, on the other hand, they are constantly cutting influencers’ payments and making it harder to boost revenues with creative works. YouTubers have been complaining about it in recent years. That’s why we have created a dedicated platform for influencers where talented creators can monetize their activities and content without suffering from restrictions imposed by a website or brand,” – Alexander Bachmann, Admitad’s CEO and founder.

How do content creators make money?

ConvertSocial helps influencers and community owners monetize their social media activity by collaborating with over 30,000 advertisers around the world, who work with Admitad and are part of the global network. Bloggers and content creators get paid via CPA and CPC business models, which means they earn every time their followers perform a target action—a purchase, click, installation, etc.—on a brand’s website. 

Main advantages for content creators:

  • Usage of  the platform is free – no purchases of profiles, subscriptions or hidden payments.
  • A content creator chooses which brand she or he wants to collaborate with today. There is no need to contact the advertiser and waste time on approving conditions and concluding contracts.
  • ConvertSocial is easy to use – choose from a list of suitable brands or marketplaces, create your partner links and include them in your content. You can then immediately start boosting your revenues!
  • The author does not adjust to the advertiser – you yourself choose when and what to publish. There are no briefs, approvals and restrictions on publication formats.
  • All advertisers, program data and statistics are stored in one convenient window.

Earlier, all platforms previously launched in this field primarily focused on advertisers and their needs. Brands would choose from a list of bloggers to purchase direct advertising from and then send them offers. Influencers could only wait until brands noticed them.

Those tools couldn’t ensure any predictable income or control over their collaboration with an advertiser. Sometimes creators would see a flow of irrelevant or unprofitable options offered by super-active managers or advertisers.

ConvertSocial is an alternative monetization solution that is especially helpful for micro-influencer who may not have hundreds of thousands of followers—and thus fly under advertisers’ radars—but have a loyal and returning target audience. 

How much do influencers earn?

The average monthly income for active affiliate influencers sums up to about $3,000 for accounts attracting several hundred thousand subscribers and followers. Meanwhile, even creators with smaller audiences can earn significant amounts depending on the frequency of their posts, the relevance of their offerings to the target audience, and audience’s purchasing power. For instance, owners of a Telegram channel with the focus on gadgets and electronics with around 200,000 followers earn about $2,000 per month. At the same time, the creator of another channel devoted to fashion and counting 8,200 subscribers received a record-setting $6,400 in the same month. 

Creators on any social media platform can make significant revenue with ConvertSocial

Here are some convincing numbers. A fashion influencer with 35,000 Instagram followers received over $1,900 in rewards from ConvertSocial for just one month. Another Instagram fashion account with 11,000 followers managed to earn $3,400. In the same period, the owner of a Twitter account with 11,000 followers earned around $600. 

It’s worth recalling that this profit is only a secondary income source; content creators can of course collaborate directly with the brands individually, it is all a matter of timing, transparency and resources available.  

The pilot version of the platform only allows affiliate links to be generated in a personal account adapted to mobile devices. ConvertSocial users can also create links using Admitad Bot on Telegram or copy them right from the URL bar when on a product page using Admitad Extension. Currently, the latter method requires an account in Admitad Affiliate, but content creators will be able to generate links via ConvertSocial in the beginning of 2022. 

We invite creators to become ambassadors. With support from the platform, these creators will be able to share their content creation and monetization expertise with other opinion leaders. This move will contribute to ConvertSocial’s central mission: to help micro-influencers grow, increase their revenues and support the influencer community. To learn more about cooperation terms, contact Admitad at

And – ConvertSocial will soon be introducing a referral program. Stay tuned for more updates! 

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