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Some time ago admitad developed an instrument that does not have analogues in other affiliate networks:  “Integration with AdWords”. This instrument makes it possible to set up sending conversions from admitad to Google AdWords’s advertising cabinet into appropriate advertising campaigns.

Who is this instrument intended for?

This instrument will be interesting for those publishers who buy a lot of advertising from Google AdWords and perform quite many conversions with that traffic on admitad’s offers.

If you perform 10-15 conversions per month with AdWords’s traffic, you will not see any particular effect from this instrument.

To set up import of conversions from admitad to Adwords, the publisher will have to get access to AdWords API on their own. AdWords gives access to API on demand only for those accounts where there has already been some activity. That is, they may deny access if they find the account to be too small to be granted access to API.

Access to the instrument is granted on an individual basis after sending a request on the page of the “Integration with AdWords” instrument.



The whole process of setting up the instrument of integration with AdWords is described in detail on our help page:

What will be the point of this instrument’s connection?

This instrument will make it possible to quickly gain an understanding of which advertising campaigns, ads, and key phrases result in conversions, and what potential income these conversions will bring in. It will also be obvious which key phrases do not result in conversions but only waste your budget, and these phrases should be disabled. You will be able to see all this data directly in the interface of your advertising cabinet in AdWords. And for the initial analysis of the advertising, you won’t have to waste your time on comparing the statistics of expenditures AdWords and the statistics of incomes from admitad by SubID tags to understand exactly which keys result in conversions. This will allow for optimizing advertising on Google quicker and more efficiently.


The table in the screenshot shows Adwords’s standard metrics for conversions: the conversions, the cost of a conversion, the value of the conversions (the affiliate commission on the conversion is passed from admitad). We have also made 2 metrics of our own:

  • value — cost
  • value * %conf. – cost with VAT.

You can add your metric in the column control option.


Using the metric created above, we can estimate our possible profit from advertising precisely enough. And in the future, we will be able to create new, more relevant and effective advertising campaigns based on the most efficient key phrases to get even greater profit.

But there is also a very important nuance: we can only send a conversion via Adwords API, it is impossible to delete or adjust it in the future. This is why we use our own metric with consideration for the percentage of order confirmations: to see more precise figures on the possible profit. But this information is enough for an initial estimate of the advertising effectiveness and for understanding of the dynamics. For an accurate calculation of your profit, you will have to make summary statistics of expenditure in Adwords and of income in admitad for a particular advertising campaign.

In case if conversions are present in the statistics, Adwords will optimize the ad impression, taking into consideration the ad’s conversionability instead of its clickability.

After a certain number of conversions accumulates over the campaign, there will appear a possibility of enabling the “Conversion Price Optimizer” option.

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In this case, Adwords will adjust the rates automatically with every ad impression to obtain the maximum number of conversions. You can read more about how this works on the help page:

There will also appear a possibility of using automated strategies of rate assignment based on the conversions. The more conversions have been accumulated over the campaign, the more efficiently these automated strategies will work.


Enjoy your profit with admitad and Google Adwords!

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AdIndex Awards’17: admitad is a Winner of Lead Generation nomination


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