AliExpress Anniversary Sale for Increasing Profits

At the end of March, the largest marketplace AliExpress celebrates its birthday. It cheers up users with large AliExpress, the largest marketplace in the world, celebrates its anniversary at the end of March. The big discounts make users happy, as well as webmasters who have increased product demand, a high average check, and increased revenues. How is AliExpress going to surprise us this time?

When is the 2022 Anniversary Sale? 

  • Warm-up:  March 23rd – 27th PST
  • Sale:  Mar. 28th – Apr. 1st PST

Attribution model during the warm-up and sale period:

Traditionally, the attribution model applies during the sale “the first cookie wins”. Webmasters whose links led users to the marketplace website, and they added products to the shopping cart, will receive rewards for those purchases. It’s time to act!

So here are three possible scenarios:

  • If the user puts an item in the cart, or they get a coupon during the warm-up and place an order during the sale, the first-click attribution is applied;
  • If the user places the order directly during the sale, the standard last-click attribution is applied;
  • If the user places the order directly during the warm-up, the standard last-click attribution is applied.

Please Note! This attribution rule will not apply to the following publishers: dropshipping, cashback, tools/plug-ins/extension, non-transparent pubs, and publishers with recent high violations involving traffic.

What were the revenues from the AliExpress 2021 Anniversary Sale?

According to AliExpress, 80% of purchases made on the main sale days were added to the cart during the warm-up.

There was a 41% increase in orders during the 2021 sale, compared to the week before the warm-up. Total purchases grew by 78%. 

Despite large discounts, the average check also skyrocketed during the sale. Users spent 26% more on average than the week before the warm-up. 

All of this had a positive impact on the profits of webmasters. Their earnings grew by 58% during last year’s sale.

What categories were popular?

The most profitable product categories for our publishers to consider in North America during the AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2021 were: 

  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Home & Garden
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Beauty & Health
  • Sports & Entertainment

What was the average check?

Last year, consumers spent an average $13.50. 

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