AliExpress Birthday Sale — seize the chance to triple your profits!

Every March Admitad publishers have a unique opportunity to increase their income during AliExpress Birthday Sale. This year, the maketplace is celebrating its 10th anniversary by offering massive discounts in all major categories — up to 50% off!

Last year, the event took place from March 28 to April 1. During the Birthday sale, publishers’ earnings increased by 3.2 times. The number of orders doubled and the basket volume on average grew x3.5. The average check growth was +30% on the first day of the sale. Evidently, those who started promoting the AliExpress program in advance got a considerable profit.


AliExpress Birthday Sale 2020

This March, the marketplace prepared a game for its users. Customers would be able to earn virtual coins and exchange them for vouchers (worth up to $15), as well as win these coupons in mini-games on AliExpress website and receive them as a present at a certain time during the event. Surely, these activities will help to attract a huge number of buyers via AliExpress affiliate program in Admitad.

Details of the sale are listed below.


When do I start?

  • 20-26th March. “Warm-up”. Customers get coins for the goods they add to the cart. Only three added goods may be awarded by coins.
  • 20-25th March. Fun Box. Customers may take part in mini-games on every page of the AliExpress website and win additional gift coupons.
  • 20-26th March. Users may win coupons from the shops with up to 50% off discount.
  • 27-31st March. Main sales days with major discounts.
  • 20-31st March. Exchange coins for gift coupons

Each player who completes the board can win a share of the grand $500,000 prize in AliExpress Coupons.

Here is a piece of data for publishers who want to make the most of the upcoming sale: according to AliExpress, 80% of purchases made on the main days of sale were added to the cart during the “warm-up” phase.

Where do I bring the customers?

According to the company, the most converting landing pages are:

What goods to promote?

The company picked the most profitable categories of products for its publishers to consider. 

These are the goods:

  • from wishlists and added to the cart;
  • from the top brands;
  • with higher reward rates for publishers;
  • with fast delivery;
  • with big discounts;
  • with the best promo codes;
  • The Bestsellers.

Don’t miss your chance to earn 3 times more. Join AliExpress Birthday Sale!

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