Aliexpress meets publishers in Admitad office

On July 23, the regular trilateral meeting took place — Aliexpress affiliate division met key publishers and Admitad team. Together, we discussed strategic partnership, summed up the results of recent promotions, clarified plans and objectives for 2019’s coming sales.

Aliexpress team was introduced to regional teams and managers. This was done to improve quality of service and ensure proper communication with those responsible for development of Aliexpress affiliate program in certain regions and countries.

Aliexpress representatives named Europe their priority GEO to promote affiliate program — with extra focus on Spain and France.  For these countries, Admitad already has designated teams that possess all the needed skills and resources to develop one’s business and communicate with affiliate publishers in their native language.

The purpose of Aliexpress visit was to personally meet their publishers, collect feedback and point out opportunities for growth. During the meeting, our guests expressed high interest in traffic channels that produce original content, such as:

  • Telegram channels and bots;
  • Instagram accounts;
  • communities in social media (Facebook, VK, OK);
  • personal blogs and websites.

“Social commerce in China — is not just a trend, it’s a boom”, — says Lu Wei, Head of Aliexpress Russia.

Alibaba managers feel extremely passionate about traffic from social media and are ready to pay not just via CPA model, but also by providing goods for reviews, or paying small fixed prices for getting into YouTube videos, streaming videos and digests.

At the moment Aliexpress team is eager to build up cooperation with medium-sized publishers. They see potential in native advertisement which is more likely to find response among the users and drive them to make purchases. It is regarded as one of the crucial business drivers.

Also Aliexpress representatives announced the launch of long-awaited multi-language XML-feeds for publishers from everywhere to use.

Right now, major expectation from the affiliate channel is to attract new customers. We recommend our publishers to focus on business models and traffic sources that target people who have not yet purchased from Aliexpress.

Eventually, Aliexpress showed great interest towards a tech publisher that allows to find goods from any online store in the pictures and lead customers to Aliexpress, where they can buy the same wares at lower prices than competitors suggest.

We kindly remind you what publishers have to gain from Aliexpress affiliate program:

  • Hot Products — goods with big discounts and higher affiliate rates — up to 69% — that are more likely to convert into sale.
  • tracking sales in the mobile app;
  • confirmation rate above 90%;
  • world-known brand;
  • no GEO limits;
  • free / affordable delivery;
  • all basic payment methods available;
  • profit from all good categories;
  • high affiliate rates.
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