Arbitrage publisher about his work: “Everything is changing all the time”

In January, Admitad UK Team met our active publishers from the Netherlands face-to-face to discuss the working opportunities. We could not miss a chance to interview them. One of the publishers, Ardan, agreed to have a chat on camera and was happy to share his experience in affiliate marketing. 

Ardan has been working with arbitrage traffic for ten years and knows everything about Google and Facebook Ads. He is a perfect example of a publisher who learned everything by himself and studied online to get all the possible information in this sphere.

We discussed:

— How Ardan started working in affiliate marketing;

— Why it is important to keep in touch with an affiliate network;

— The twists and turns of being a publisher;

— How to choose an affiliate network;

— The future of affiliate marketing.

Find out more in the video.

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